Saturday, June 13, 2020

For the week of June 15 to 19, 2020

In our last week`s post, we had expected the markets to strongly move up towards the Sun square Mars date of June 08 and then be subject to profit taking.Nifty hit a high of 10326.75 on June 08 and since reacted down to reach a low of 9544 on Friday before closing at 9972.70 for the week.
We have seen first of three eclipses so far...
The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of June 05..Let me reproduce what we had said about this eclipse  in our post of " June 01 to June 05 2020".
As expected markets reduced their bullishness especially on June 12.This low of June 12 also coincides with the Mars-Neptune conjunction of June 13, 2020.Interesting to also note that this steep sell off happens one day after Sun and   Mercury both reached extreme declinations on June 11, 2020.
So what next?
There is never any lack of excitement in the skies!
This week we shall see the intensification of retrogrades.By June 18 this week, at 10:28:50 hrs, Mercury goes retrograde in Jupiter star in Gemini.With this the number of planets which go retrograde increases to 5: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and by 18th, Mercury. 
And the baton now changes, from Mars to Sun.
Sun enters into Gemini on June 14, 2020.Any sub cycle which bottoms out close to a Sun ingress into Gemini generally gives rise to another bullish subcycle or cycle.
Sun also is unhurriedly moving towards into rendezvous with Rahu on June 21.( Solar Eclipse maximum at 12.10 pm ).Exact Sun Rahu conjunction is on June 20 at 06.39 am.
Cycle wise, the current bullish cycle is 18 days old and we have likely completed two legs.Since both legs were right translated, we expect the next sub cycle also to be bullish.Likely sub cycle top targets can be 10500 to 10615.
Surprises and reversals to be expected. After all we are passing through unstable times. Protect your positions with adequate stop-losses.  

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