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Nifty Astro Technicals April 22 to 26, 2013

Astrologically we are entering a volatile two weeks beginning April 22 and ending May 03, 2013.
Some of the key aspects in this period are:

Astro Event
Lunar Events
Planetary Declinations
Dasa Position
Apr 22
Transiting Venus squares Natal Neptune on April 20.              Venus (Aries) opposes Saturn (Libra) at 12:55 pm IST.Crest by April 29
First Quarter deviation. Moon in Leo, moving from Venus star Jupiter sub to Venus star Mercury sub.

Nifty is in Venus Antara Moon Sookshma till May 06, 2013
Apr 23

First Quarter deviation. Moon in Virgo, moving from Sun star Saturn Sub to Venus sub.

Apr 24
Sun sextile Neptune. Venus trine Pluto.Points to a reversal by April 29.
First Quarter deviation. Moon in Virgo, moving from Moon star Mercury Sub to Venus sub.

Apr 25

First Quarter deviation. Moon in Libra, moving from Mars star Ketu sub to Moon sub.

Apr 26
Transiting Sun squares Natal Neptune.
Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, with Sun in Aries (Ketu star) and Moon in Libra (Rahu star), moving from Venus sub to Saturn sub.                        Degree: 11:48:44 in Aries. Moon conjunct Saturn at 05:46 am.

Apr 29
On April 28, Sunday, at 10:20:40 am, Mars will transit 11:48:44 degree, the Lunar Eclipse point. Effect on April 29, 2013.         True Nodes become direct. Venus conjunct Rahu-Ketu. Mercury enters Aries.
On April 28, Sunday, at 13:44:19 hrs, Sun opposes Saturn. Transiting Mercury squares Natal Ketu
On April 28, 2013, Moon is at Perigee at 01.18 am. Effect on April 29, 2013.Moon in Sagittarius, Ketu star moving from Venus sub to Mars saub.
Saturn is in extreme declination on April 28. Moon is at its minimum declination on April 29.
Apr 30

May 02
On May 01, Sun trines Pluto. Mars opposes Saturn at 10.15 am on May 01, 2013.Transiting Venus squares Natal Ketu.

May 03

Moon is at maximum Latitude

May 06
Venus moves to Taurus on May 05.Mercury opposes Saturn at 16:29:13 hrs

May 07
Sun conjuncts Ketu, opposes Rahu.

Venus Antara Mars Sookshma till May 14 2013
May 08
Mercury conjuncts Mars in Aries

May 09

May 10
Mercury conjuncts Ketu. Mars, Ketu, Mercury, Moon and Sun are all between 20 degrees and 26 degrees of Aries. All five celestial bodies are in the constellation ruled by Venus. At 05:59 am on May 10, Sun Moon conjuncts at 25:34:25 degrees for the New Moon. This is also a Solar Eclipse Day.

Mercury in extreme declination

Long positions need to be trailed tightly.Any rise from here may be used to take profits. Nifty is expected to show some corrections by the week end. Post April 29th, the upward correction may resume.From May 03rd, decline may resume.
So a roller coaster ride seems to be on the cards.

If we consider the decline from 6111.80, then 5800 represents 50% corrective stage. ( An important Gann percentage.) If we consider the decline from a more recent 5990, then 5795 represents 61.80% of retracement.
So while there could an attempt to move towards 5875, caution must be exercised for a decline, before 5875 is attempted.
For the medium and long term,remember we are in wave B? Also Jupiter is still in Taurus, till May 31? So the uptrend from 4531 is still intact and may continue.
Astro signatures however point out to treacherous two way movements, which is what volatility is all about.
So stop losses and an un-anticipatory approach is the order of the day.

Happy trading!

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