Sunday, April 28, 2013

Astro Technicals- Dasa formation and their implications.

If we examine the Dasa-Bhukthi- Antara-Sookshma Vimshottari time divisions to Nifty, we have the following Dasa Periods coming up...
11-March to 09-April-2013:Rahu dasa-Venus Bhukti-Venus Antara-Venus Sookshma
09- April to 18 April 2013: Rahu dasa-Venus Bhukti-Venus Antara-Sun Sookshma
19- April to 06 May 2013: Rahu dasa-Venus Bhukti-Venus Antara-Moon Sookshma
07- May to 14 May 2013: Rahu dasa-Venus Bhukti-Venus Antara-Mars Sookshma
15- May to 11 June 2013: Rahu dasa-Venus Bhukti-Venus Antara-Rahu Sookshma
Let us examine how Nifty had behaved in all such Venus Antara periods in the past, from 2001..

What do we infer? In all such antara -sookshma periods in the past, Nifty either reversed in the Moon sookshma period or in Mars or in Rahu period. If there were bullish aspects prior to the Sookshma periods, then the intermediate reversals tend to happen farther away, in the Rahu sookshma periods. On the other hand, if the aspects were moderate, then intermediate reversals tend to happen either in Moon periods or in the Mars period.
If the aspects prior were negative, then the trend itself will be negative or mixed, going into the sookshma periods.
We are now in the Moon Sookshma period to be followed by Mars Sookshma period, upto May 14, 2013.
So we look for a reversal immediately in this week, followed by an improvement closer to weekend followed  by a bigger reversal in the week May 06 to 10, 2013.Since currently we are going through a series of negative aspects, post May 06/10, the decline could be a little more than anticipated.
It is quite fascinating to see planetary rhythms in Nifty movements, year after year.


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