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Astro Technicals April 29 to May 16th 2013

We are entering another interesting time band, full of potent astro aspects between April 29 to May 31.Following the Lunar Eclipse of April 25, we have a Solar Eclipse on May 9/10, 2013.From May 04th onwards, Pluto and Uranus begin to get within one degree of yet another square and they will be exactly square on May 20/21. Once again we shall start hearing shrill noises about debts and bank/ economy failures, austerity, unemployment,lack of global growth, deflation and what not.With Uranus, the planet for surprise outcomes being involved, it is difficult to say what sort of outcomes will happen.
Here are all the dates:
 Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012
Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012
Uranus square Pluto May 21 2013
Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013
Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014
Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014
Uranus square Pluto March 17 2015
These are typically Mainstream signatures of long term import. During their first two passages, we saw main world economies facing troubles and now we have a deflationary cycle in the commodities going on. We also saw the Equity markets rise in 2012, without much retail participation.By August 07, Jupiter will be opposing Pluto and by August 21, it will square Uranus. That should be a time to watch.We may expect major debacles involving banks across the globe.
Coming back to the times we live in,here are the aspects table  upto middle of May 2013:

Effect on…
April 29          (Monday)
Sun opposition Saturn
Venus opposition to Rahu
Venus conjunct Ketu
Mars opposition to Saturn
1. Prices have been rising into the aspect of Venus- Saturn opposition which began on April 21. So negative moves may be visible on April 29 and or 30.
2. Though not having strong correlation, Venus-Pluto trine tends to set the market on to its dominant trend direction within 5 trading days. That points out to April 29. Question is, is the dominant trend downwards?
3. Venus opposing Rahu- Could have an immediate reversal and then a counter move followed by a bigger reversal by May 15th.
April 30         (Tuesday)
Sun opposition Saturn
Venus opposition to Rahu
Venus conjunct Ketu
Mars opposition to Saturn
Sun trine Pluto

May 02         (Thursday)
Sun trine Pluto
Mars opposition Saturn

May 03         (Friday)
Sun trine Pluto but separating
Mars opposition Saturn

May 04 (Saturday)
Mars begins to trine Pluto
Pluto and Uranus come within one degree of waxing square and they will be exact on May 20 2013
Venus moves to Taurus

May 05 (Sunday)
Mercury opposite Saturn
Mars trine Pluto

May 06          (Monday)
Sun opposes Rahu, conjuncts Ketu
Mercury opposite Saturn
Mars trine Pluto but separating

May 08         (Wednesday)

Since the market was rising into April 30, expect a crest formation by May 08th.
May 09       (Thursday)
Solar Eclipse day
Sun-Mars conjunction began on April 23. Time band for crest formation ends on May 09th.
May 13                (Monday)

Sun opposition Saturn begins on April 29. Crest effect should manifest before May 13th. Same effect for Mars opposition Saturn. Crest effects may manifest anytime between May 07th to May 13th.Sometimes double top formations also occur.
May 13th is also the minimum date for Sun trine Pluto to show some effect. Most probably crest formation, but if declines happen, then the trough would be a significant one. Since other signatures point to a crest, probably this one also ought to support a crest formation.
We notice there are two bands of dates which stand out.April 29/ 30 and the time band between May 08 to 13th.So the simple conclusion would be that we have a slight disruption in the current upmove by April 29 and 30 and then resumption of the upmove, hesitantly till May 08 to 13.Post May 13th, we could see some negative market movements.
What do the lunations say?
I have marked the lunar aspects as well as the dasa antara and sookshma periods on to the Nifty chart itself for easier comprehension.
So by April 29, we have Moon perigee, Saturn at an extreme distance and Moon at minimum declination, all occurring together. Reading  it with the aspect effect from  the tabulation above, we may expect some reversal for April 29 and 30. Will it continue upto May 03? I do not know. All I know is that we have another lunar effect, Moon at maximum Latitude, happening on May 03rd. That also happens to be the day when RBI is going to announce its Annual Monetary Policy for 2013-14.So May 02 may see a hesistant continuity of rise  to May 03  and post May 03, we may see some correction. Since the time band of May 08 to May 13, coincides with some good lunation as shown in  going.the chart above, including a lunar eclipse, the downtrend may accelerate post May 08th, all the way to May 15th.
All of these are mere postulations and need to be confirmed with price movement. Personally, while I will be alert on the days discussed here, I will still wait for these blue and red moving averages along with the RSI to tell me where Nifty is really going.
Happy week of safe trading!

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