Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals for April 18, 2013

After Venus, Sun and Mars have entered Aries, the sign of action, they are getting involved in the first astro aspect tomorrow. Sun and Mars are becoming conjunct in the star of Aswini, ruled by  Ketu. By nature all the stars involved are incendiary by nature. So is the sign Aries.

Last time we had a Sun Mars conjunction in Aries was on May 13, 1998.It formed a forceful part of a downmove which had ended soon after.
Look at the astro chart for April 18, 2013.

  Apart from Sun and Mars, on April 19, Uranus conjuncts Mercury in Saturn star and are both in unfavourable 6/8 positions to retrograde Saturn.
By April 20, Moon will be at its minimum Latitude, which serves most often as a reversal sign.
Reading everything together, can we cautiously surmise that the present corrective uptrend will have a pause?

Let us look at the astro chart of April 22, 2013..

Oops! We have another problem here. Venus begins to oppose Saturn.This will soon be followed by Sun, Mars and then Mercury- all engaging the wily, old Saturn.Furthermore Moon is in Venus star. Not a combination for an uptrend is it?

And on April 23?

We find Venus moving in a translation point between Saturn and Pluto.Sun and Neptune form a sextile. Moon is moving in Sun star, in a First Quarter deviation.This should be a reverse to positive kind of day.

Here are the price charts...

Corrective uptrend has paused.....

Support levels are indicated here--5644,5617 and 5589.

 Nifty has overshot her 5 period EMAs. It pays to be cautious here.
With planetary aspects looking shaky, it is prudent to play with stop losses. Moreover    there are several dynamics in play. If the market changes direction abruptly, be sure to follow the market rather than wait or trade in anticipation.

Safe and serene trading!

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