Sunday, April 21, 2013

Astro Technicals Wave Counts


  1. Good Morning Suresh Ji.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Amit Sharma

  2. very nice, thanks to update nifty trend, nifty may touch 5900 level, trader can get active option trading tips on nifty and bank nifty for sure profit
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  3. Thanks for the analysis Its really superb
    can u give the sectors that will get the astro support on the particular days ofcourse as usually with the reasons behind the analysis so that it will be useful for the amateurs like me

    Hope u will give a lesson atleast one per week on astro factors because u do in sysmatic way and we can start from the scartch for the stock markets

  4. Dear Rama,

    Thank you for your comments. If you notice, I am combining Astro with Technicals for analysis which will help us trade the Nifty. I am not going beyond the Nifty for two reasons.One- No time. Two- I only trade the Nifty.When I get some time, I will surely post on sectors. Posting tutorials is a subject dear to my heart and you can expect something on these lines soon!
    Meanwhile keep giving your comments- they surely give me a perspective.

    Warm Regards