Thursday, April 11, 2013

Astro Technicals April 11, 2013

Come April 12, and we have yet another Infosys results. With so much of negativity around, can Infy results be a catalyst to arrest the downtrend and turn around the market in the near term?

Let us have a look at Infy`s technical charts:

As we can see, Infy had completed Primary Corrective A in January 2013.This wave A itself was a long drawn out triangle.
Wave B had begun with a bang in January 2013 and immediately settled into a complex corrective trading range.
We have completed ABCXAB and are anticipating a minor wave C in an upward direction.

Here is the First Trade chart of Infy ( Know the first trade value? Rs 1.50 per share!) and the transit chart for April 12, 2013

April 12 is a Venus day.So was January 11, 2013, when Infy exploded skywards.Venus is connected with houses 9,11 and 4. It is also a Friday which again connects to Venus.
By and large a positive result may be expected.
Now if these results do not materialize, do not blame the Astro Science. Blame it on my faulty knowledge please!

Implications for Nifty could be a truncated g wave and an early commencement of Wave B.Refer previous post.


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