Friday, August 2, 2013

Mercury Sookshma

Nifty`s Saturn Sookshma ends on August 03, 08:37:07 Hrs and then on till August 29, 2013,05:31:51 hrs, it is Mercury Sookshma in Venus Antara, Venus Bhukti and of course Rahu Dasa.
What has been the past record?

In 2003, we see the downward trend changed exactly on the onset of Mercury Sookshma.

During Jupiter Bhukti,Venus Antara and Saturn Sookshma in 2005, market bottomed out and reversed upwards. 

In 2008 January to February 21, the market goes through two way movements during Saturn Sookshma and declines to form a bottom, after Mercury Sookshma.

During Mercury Bhukti, Saturn Sookshma, market forms a bottom and the rise gets pronounced during Mercury Sookshma.

Ketu Sookshma last year see a declining trend during Mercury  Sookshma.
So we reach August 2013.there is every likelihood of a market reverse to the upside. For the Nifty, my bet is, it may go upto 5940 or thereabouts.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals Midweek Analysis July 30 2013

Wave B which began from 5477 is forming a huge triangle ( fits well with the confused outlook in the markets today-seeing RBI`s action today, even the Governor seems to be confused!).We are in the D leg right now..which seems to have a target of 5691....

Monday, July 29, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals July 29 to Aug 02, 2013

July 29 2013: Moon is in Ketu star. Asc is in Venus star. Ketu signifies 8 and 12.Venus signifies 12 and 3. Moon moves through the subs of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. A down day with some recovery post 1.15 pm.
July 30, 2013: Both Moon and Asc are in Venus stars which signify 12, 3 and 10.Moon moves through the subs of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. Same pattern as July 29. Fall and some recovery post lunch. 
July 31, 2013: Moon in Sun star, which represents 2, 11 and 6. Asc in Venus star which reduces the positivity caused by Moon. She moves through Rahu Jupiter and Saturn subs. So after a flat opening we may see a positive market this day.
August 01, 2013: Moon in Moon star. Moon signifies 9 and 12.Ascendant in Venus star, signifies 12 and 3. Moon is in Mercury sub. Mercury though close to 11th cusp, still signifies only 10.Moon moves through the subs of Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn. Recovery in second half, yet should be a small negative day.

August 02, 2013: Moon in Mars star, predominantly signifying 2 and 10.Venus is in Venus star, signifying 12 and 3, but Venus is also the 11th Cuspal sub lord. So a positive end to the week is on the cards.

We expect 3 days of negativity and recovery in the last two days this week.

Aspects wise, a bottom is indicated by August 07/08.

Happy and safe trading.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Technical View of Nifty July 25 2013

9 day RSI is about to penetrate 30 day RSI on the downside. This is bearish for the short term.

Broader markets are not participating at all in the current rise. This divergence is also negative.

Cycle lines and Gann Supports are shown here. Long term up trend is still intact.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals July 22 to 27 2013

Last week we were expecting c wave to complete. It had completed 7 days by June 19.

What we now see, is that the abc correction by not breaking the trendline drawn, had become an x wave and so we have another abc correction unfolding.We had completed a and we are currently in the corrective mode, b. We still have one large c up move way to So we continue to hold Nifty buy positions till we see a decisive break down below the 0- b trendline.

Let us look at the cycles...

We see a possibility of a reaction, a buy on dips kind of reaction which could move the market further higher.In other words the c wave could be a strong one coming before the final fizzle takes place.

And astrologically,

We have several significant planetary aspects this week:
1. Mercury turns direct.Uranus has turned retrograde on July 17th.Both planets came close to forming a square and are now moving away from each other.
2.Mars conjuncts Jupiter.Rahu is trine Mercury and the Grand trine involving Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Mars is still in vogue.
3. Rahu moves to Rahu star. We already have Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in Rahu stars.
4. Rahu is also the cuspal star lord for 3, 7 and 11th cusps.
5.July 22nd is a Full Moon, Moon Perigee and a Minimum Declination day.
6. July 23rd is a Maximum Latitude Day.  
7. By 25th July, Venus will oppose Neptune and Mars will oppose Pluto.
8.By July 26th, Sun will square Saturn
Additionally we are in the middle time period of Venus Antara Saturn Sookshma.
So what do we understand from all this?

We see that all Saturn Sookshma periods had a small crest forming. That is the first understanding. Since the Grand trine is still in vogue the reaction of two or three days will reverse once again into a bigger up move.This could last into the week and by 26/ 29, we could have a bigger down turn coming.
Will it mean that the prices will fall into sub 5400 yet?
My take is not yet.
Reason is because of the following observations.
Nifty had never reacted significantly ( a sustained downtrend) when fast moving planets were moving in the houses of Cancer, Leo and Virgo.These three houses offer a sort of continuation of the existing trend. So the next real down trend could commence only when Venus conjuncts Saturn and Rahu in Libra followed by Sun conjunction with Saturn and Rahu.These are slated to happen post September 17, 2013.
So, even with dips, Nifty may continue to rise till September 17th ...

Putting it all together, Nifty may first go up and then react. On July 29, a bigger reaction could set in. Even that could be shrugged off and Nifty may move forward to its tryst of Saturn and Rahu. That rise could be the result of the Grand Trine.After which the Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus squares will inject reality into markets.
With so much aspects and signatures, we will  closely follow the developments on  a day to day basis.

Happy and careful trading.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Astro Technicals for July 18 2013

Current uptrend faces a cycle line on July 22. That is also when we have a few lunar signatures..Mars would be exactly conjunct with Jupiter and both would be in trine to Saturn.