Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sky this week May 23 to 28, 2016

Mars is very close to the Earth now..We can see it with our naked eyes. The Full Moon had happened when Mars was in conjunction with Moon..Sun in Sun star opposes Mars in Saturn star..Sun and Saturn are natural enemies Mars is also aspecting the mid point of Uranus Pluto positions.
Saturn is exact with its tenth aspect on Jupiter. Poor Jupiter is nearly powerless...what with Saturn now and Rahu conjunction later..
So more trouble with debts, interest rates, currency fluctuations, terror troubles, Nature upsets..panics.. if markets break important supports, let us cash in on the opportunities..
So near time down moves and soon an important bottom...
Be your personal lives..and in markets..The sky looks angry.
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Nifty Astro Technicals May 02 to 06, 2016

Jupiter opposite Neptune, Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter becoming direct and the central time band of Jupiter square Saturn all point to a low in the next few weeks from which there could be a strong rebound upwards.
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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nifty Astro Technicals April 17, 2016

As expected Nifty rose once again..this time crossing the 200 day exponential moving average as well.We are in the last leg of wave b, that is we are in wavelet g which may give way any moment now. Then we ought to see wave C down and only after wave C is complete will the bear be truly dead and gone.
Having said this, I had been warning for quite some time now that the next bullish run is about to begin.. I had been saying this even when the markets were falling hugely. That the medium and long term look quite bullish from now on. 
The 30 minute chart brings out the diametric nature of the development. Our markets are truly prone to diametric formations and it is vital to understand them fully if we wish to make money consistently.
Two most important formations looming on the horizon are Mars becoming Retrograde on April 17th and immediately within a day, Pluto also becomes retrograde.
It isc also important to understand that Planets such as  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto affect masses and so are VERY important from a stock market perspective. Also note that Neptune is a dreamy planet and hard aspects to it can bring about a market fall most consistently.
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nifty for the week of Feb 01 to 05, 2016

This is a chart of 52 week high lows every day, of all stocks traded in NSE in the month of January 2016..Chart on top is  Nifty Futures Chart for the same period.
This shows the internal strength of the market as a whole.
We see that when number of stocks hitting 52 week highs keep coming down, Nifty also goes down.
Also the green line represents the number of stocks hitting low and as the market comes down, this number shoots up.On January 18, the number of stocks hitting 52 week low was 228 and within two days the market formed a bottom.
When 52 week high numbers are rising, money flows into the market and when 52 week lows are rising money flows out of the market.
For the market to begin a consistent bull run, 52 week high numbers must stay consistently above 50 at least.
Right now we are at a truce situation. The internals are yet to show improvement. So we need to be cautious of the market rise. 
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