Sunday, June 26, 2016

What does the sky convey?

There it is....
Jupiter Conjunct Rahu : June 22 to 27
Pluto trine Rahu June 01 to July 04
Jupiter trine Pluto: June 23 to 29.
A very potent time band indeed. When three slow planets are connected, the fastest of the three is the trigger planet. In this case it is Jupiter. All three are in Venus stars....currencies took a horrible beating.

As you can see here, Uranus, the planet which reflects revolutions, sudden happenings, swift unexpected developments enters Aries. Aries itself is an aggressive Fire Sign. On top of it Uranus will be in Ketu star for some time. Ketu again is a body which causes  sudden developments.
Such a Uranus is triggered of by Mars by being in a 6/8 combination .
Result is there for all to see,
We had been expecting this bearishness for quite some time now. All the three planetary aspects were regularly marked and shown in the astro charts, week after week.
What now? From July 06th to July 10th, Venus, Mercury and Sun will trigger Mars by trine angles.By June 29th, Mars becomes direct.
By July 12th, Mars moves into Scorpio.
This could lead to strong support for stocks and other markets by the Central Bankers.So expect a bottom by June 12th.That could be the first leg of wave c.If a recovery starts strongly, that could be wave b or second leg of wave c.
When Saturn connects with Rahu by the end of August or beginning of September we may expect some more panic.

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