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Nifty Astro Technicals March 30 to April 01, 2015

Let me start with a few recaps.

In our post of March 23 to 27, we had concluded that,
"So our astro indicators are saying that immediately the Market may move up for a couple of days, but may react down once again and form another low in the first week of April, 2015."

In our post of March 09 to 13, 2015, our summation was,
"To sum up, as per Astro, this week may be neutral to positive, but very definitely storm clouds are gathering by the weekend." That week Nifty opened at 8891, came down to 8682, went up midweek to 8844 before turning down decisively on Friday to 8632.

In our post of March 02 to 06, 2015,
"Some 14 different aspects are jam packed into the period from February 12 to March 31.Three major aspects stand out. Uranus Jupiter trine of March 03,Saturn retrograde on March 16th and final square of Uranus Pluto combination on March 17th.All markets could see reversals. Equities look to blow up higher and face a severe reversal in the second half of the month. The only saving grace is that Pisces and its occupants, Ketu, Uranus, Venus and Mars are getting a trinal benefic aspect from Jupiter.So issues may be ultimately resolved, but there could be turmoil before the relief.
Net effect, Neowave and the cycles indicate a positive upmove but astro formation are advising caution in the second half of this March 2015 month."

Market result? Nifty had moved down from 9119 to 8269, a hefty 850 points, before closing at 8341.
I hope, the readers of this group did benefit this month.

So, the trend has turned down. Looking at the market from 5119 to 9119, this is only a correction which has not even reached 23.6% yet. So the primary trend is bullish and we are in a correction.
How could the correction pan out from here on?
Let us begin with Astro.
 First we look at some of the leftover aspects of last week and then we see some upcoming ones.  
1. Mars Ingress into Aries March 24
2.Sun waning trine retro Saturn -March 25
3.Venus waning trine retro Jupiter March 27
4. Venus waxing trine Pluto March 29 ( when the previous Venus trine Jupiter is still on).
We are also in between a Solar Eclipse ( Ketu eclipse) and a Lunar eclipse of April 04. 

When Mars enters Aries, if Jupiter is in Cancer, markets react first, form a bottom and then rise later on in the month. We are in the reaction period now.
Sun waning trine Saturn is a weak reversal signal..effect date is  April 07 or 08. Stronger trend will resume afterwards. So this could give a counter uptrend by April 07/08. It may be a weak one. 
Venus waxing trine Jupiter and later on with Pluto could aid in a bottom formation by April 01.

Here are the upcoming ones..
1. Sun Ketu conjunction March 31
2.Sun Jupiter trine April 02
3. Total Lunar Eclipse ( Third Blood Moon) on April 04 
3.Sun Uranus conjunction April 06

Sun Ketu conjunction is a negative formation. So the down move could continue.
Sun Jupiter trine is again a weak reversal signal, expected to take effect by April 06.
Blood Moon Lunar eclipse, tends to give a weak up move followed by a stronger down move.
Sun Uranus conjunction is tricky.Nifty could move up within two days strongly, form a crest and then fall back sharply again after 2 to 3 more days. Then the primary trend may resume.

We will examine the Blood Moon formation and the upcoming Jupiter direct station on April 08, a little more closely...
Master Traders such as Gann and Elliott always believed that the market operates in cycles and that the past repeats itself with subtle variations into the future. What causes these cycles? Planetary effects of course!
So if we look at how the markets reacted when Jupiter was last in Cancer, in 2002-2003, we see that when Jupiter became direct after its retro station, Nifty actually fell and formed a bottom in 4 days. ( It recovered and fell again for a deeper bottom and then reversed decisively.)
See what had happened so far in 2014-15, when Jupiter entered Cancer.
1. Jupiter enters Cancer--Nifty fell, formed a bottom, rose and then fell again to a deeper bottom and then rose decisively.
2. When Jupiter enters Mercury star, Nifty fell from a top,formed a bottom, rose and fell into a deeper bottom. Thereafter Nifty moved up strongly.
3.Nifty turns retrograde...Same story. fall first,then a rise and then a fall again..Only difference is it formed a higher bottom.( All of it is visible on the charts.
4. So when Jupiter becomes direct on April 08..... you  guessed it...Nifty could fall, form a bottom, rise and then form another bottom before turning up decisively.   We shall discuss this a little more next week. 
What about those red boxes?
We move to the next chart..
The box area of October 2014, has been expanded here...We see it has got to do with the second Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse of October 08. After an initial rise, Nifty fell 248 points!
On to the next chart....
  We see that varying astro phenomena are in fact agreeing...
Now, to Technicals..
 It is now clearer. We are in a diametric formation and in wave d.  We are only in wave a of d. Wave b of d could move up and wave c of d could move down in April. It has taken 16 days so far. Average has been 28 to 31 days. So April 15/16 are important days. 
Our blue cycle is forming a classic inversion. That is the cycle top is about to coincide with a market bottom.  
Here are the declinations..
 Important dates are mentioned on the charts.
To sum up, Nifty may continue to move up and down with a negative bias till April 01. Then form a counter up move and after Jupiter turns direct, should move down again to form an important first bottom.   
Most importantly, these are just conjectures.
Trend is your friend and guide. Right now the trend is down. Let us go with it, till we are stopped out. And then go long till the next turn down. For a trader, nothing other than price action is important. No news, rate cuts, or Yemen wars matter.
All the best to your trading this week!


  1. Trading next week is going to be tricky.....I think buying call options would be the right strategy.

  2. Since I started reading and following this blog, I have never suffered any loss by trading in Nifty. Earlier I had lost a fortune in Nifty trading and stocks trading. Now I only trade in Nifty futures. Sir please take my words as a compliment....."Your analysis is highly accurate and amazingly well explained and helpful, thank you for you work. This work that you are doing equals Charity....."

  3. hello sir, thanks for the update.
    rightly said mr bhupinder. even I have had no losses since I came across this blog.
    thanks a lot sir, stay blessed.

  4. May i draw your attentation

  5. Hello Sir ji ..

    An fresh Updates on astro n technicals pls ..

  6. I shall post today. Was enjoying that rare 4 day holiday...

  7. Suresh Ji, I have observed that Pluto is making some kind of relationship during 29 Mar 2015 to 5 May 2015. I have found following historical patterns for same event:

    10 Mar 2001 to 26 Mar 2001
    Open - 1292
    High - 1292
    Low - 1098
    Close - 1161
    Total Fall - 194 Points (20%)

    18 jul 2002 to 3 Oct 2002
    Open - 1032
    High - 1044
    Low - 935
    Close - 948
    Total Fall - 109 Points (10%)

    Can you please provide your guidance on this.

    According to me it is making very bearish pattern and Nifty should go down soon.

  8. Manish, Pluto will be retrograde from April 16. Closer to the dates mentioned by you, several planets will be in the madhya bhave, middle of the house or cusps, That could be one of the reasons. You cannot conclude with just one planet or a combo. Careful analysis of all planets are needed before we arrive at a conclusion.

  9. Suresh Ji,

    Please provide updates for next week…

    1. Manish, sorry I had other important personal works. Updates have been posted now.


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