Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hourly trend comes to an end?

Uptrend which began on December 10, 2015, ( just after Jupiter turned retrograde). Inward bending and outward bending arcs in the vicinity of  7963, dec 10,have both attained completion today.The Green Bowl calculates the  pending uptrend target to be just short of  9000.And this could happen before April 14th,
So we have just started a new trend as of today. Let us watch the progress of Nifty along the blue cycle...


  1. To answer some queries on my messenger, Green Bowl is indicating the likely path of upmove from here. Today the trend has changed..a trend which began on December 10, 2014. First part of the new trend is up move..possibly up to Dec 08-14 and then down move . Blue circle does not mean Nifty will reach its bottom, but a down turn may happen post April 14th.

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  3. Replies
    1. Sir no weekly review. PL LOOK if nifty does not go above 8650 then a possibility of an collaspe to 8100 cannot be ruled out. Pl share astro views