Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sun Mercury dance beginning in the second half of the year.

During the last three months of the year, Mercury goes retro, then becomes direct, conjuncts the Sun goes past the Sun and again becomes retrograde. This of late has been happening in the region Virgo to Aquarius..Here is a small analysis to throw some light on the effect on Nifty because of this astro phenomenon.

So Sun-Mercury conjunction of this type where Mercury comes from behind and conjuncts Sun, we seem to see a market reaction. 
December 08, is one such conjunction....


  1. The above shows the mercury conjunct Sun after retrogression and crossing and once gain retrograde.
    Is there any analysis has been done reverse- Mercury retrograde-conjuct sun and the direct in the backward of Sun. 2) In Rasis 3) In the periods viz winter. and six seasonal period , Whether it is universally true for all the Indexes -globally and for example IT,Metal like that within the indexes even though indexes behaves differently

  2. Yes. We can see that also. But I had taken this combo of Mercury direct-Sun conjunct and then till Mercury retro because that is what is right now happening and is relevant to our trading now.
    Mercury becoming retrograde- then conjuncting Sun with retrogression-then turning direct will happen from February 2015 onwards. We can take up the analysis in January 2015.I have not tried out with different indices, due to time constraints. I guess they should be largely in sync with minor aberrations caused by individual indices.I have also not looked into other global indices because that becomes academic, the knowledge may not be meaningfully apply- able for the readers of this blog who are largely from India.As you might have noticed occasionally I look to see how the Dow is doing, because our markets have a lot of correlation with the US markets.Have not gone into seasonality either, because I was not sure of its relevance.Regarding different effects in Rasis, there is no need for a separate analysis, because the retro-conjunct -direct analysis covers nearly six rasis and the reverse might cover the rest.