Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nifty Astro Technicals December 08 to 12, 2014

Let us start with the Astro formations first....

Astro wise we see the market is in a mature stage right now.Sun Mercury dance has now started spinning in the wrong way.Big rises normally caused by a Uranus Pluto square seems muted because of the Jupiter retro formation in between.The stars seem to advise caution to the bulls and have a hint of a smile for bears.Since Saturn is in Scorpio, the underlying tone of the market may continue to be bullish,but a correction may happen.

How about the cycles? Well, we have had another inversion happening and so a top somewhere between December 08 and 20 seems to be on the cards..However since the current cycle has formed a right translation so far, the next cycle post December 24 could also be bullish and take Nifty to new heights.
Looking at Neo waves, either wave a of 2nd xabc has been completed as of December 05 or there is a possibility of one  more small up leg pending. Any which way, we seem to be on the verge of a small term top.  

Nifty`s 5 min says that we just have to decide whether the final sub wave seen now is going to be wave g of a Diametric or wave e of a triangle. Again the upward move seems to be capped. 

If wave a is over, then we may see wave b down, from the 2nd x abc formation and finally wave c upwards. Since in any complex correction only 2 x waves are allowed, we may see a bigger top and a bigger correction in the first few months of 2015.
Cautious and profitable trading to all! 


  1. Namaskara sureshji.
    First i would like to thank u for including me in your mailing list.
    sir asper long term nifty made low of 4531 and high of 6198 and 2.618 fib will lead us to
    9482, will nifty move towards 9482 from dec 24 as last leg and complition of 3rd wave ?
    Sir is it necessary that if fib to make 2.618 if 1.618 is broken on higher side. Please guide me


  2. Not necessary Naveen.It could stop at 2 or any other level form the fourth wave as a correction and then go on to complete the fifth.Extension can happen in the 5th also.Remember to consider the time periods also.So far we have not seen euphoric participation.That would come as a quality of fifth wave.That means the current move needs to consume more time before much higher levels are realized.Also the fourth could be a complex formation.