Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nifty Astro Technicals September 15 to 19, 2014

Astrologically, we are entering a very volatile period. We should initially see some down movement, followed up up movements, which may culminate in a top, post the New Moon of September 24th. In any case, by October 06th, several planets will be transferring energies to each other..Jupiter trine Mars,Mars square Chiron,Sun square Pluto, Sun opposition to Uranus,...and this may have a declining effect on the markets..a decline which is more pronounced than the ones we have seen so far.
Let us look at the time period, in the immediate future...
  How does the technical picture look like?
If we continue with the diametric patterns from 2008 top onwards, then we are in the final leg of Major wave F, which itself is looking like a diametric now. We are currently in the d leg of g of F.

Considering the impulse alternative,this is the picture I see...

According to both options, we should see Nifty going lower immediately, and then reversing to new all time highs.
Since Iam now biased more towards the second option, I have the charts here for other time frames as well....

These impulsive  projections seem to point out to 8400-8500 points for Nifty that too in the period, October 2014, preferably before end of second week of October 2014.
I just tested this projection with some other methods also...
Look at the monthly pitch forks...

Weekly arcs drawn from November 2010 top, and 2012 bottom of 4571, project 8500 as a significant level.

We seem to be approaching a major top.Yet I believe that after a good  correction from a 8500 top, Nifty may race forward again  to touch 10500 by 2016...That also coincides with the 8 year cycles.1992-2000-2008-2016..


  1. My Dear Sureshji

    Every sunday gives me a day of expectations from you. Always gave me an answer on markets mind and keeping in mind the other probabilities also.

    The 8 year cycle which has always been at the back of the mind has also been highlighted which also syncronsises with your other study.

    I can only weave a garland of praise for your great work.

    Kudos to you again

    Kannan Srinivasan

  2. Really appreciate your work. Thank you so much.

  3. either we have completed sub wave 4 or we r very close to do so as per this chart, refer link

  4. nifty is dancing as per your tune...monday tuesday bearish and improvement from wednesday.....
    excellent work.