Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nifty Astro Technicals August 11 to 14, 2014

This is how we concluded last week...

"Net, net, movement of c wave decides things for the time being. Astro indicates that the market could continue its negative ways till a turnaround happens by August 06 or 07."
We saw in the week just passed that wave c gave way to wave d on August 04 and 05th and then to a bigger wave e downward which has so far consumed three days, August 06, 07 and 08.
So what we have is now an expanding triangle with good down move  potential....
 So, increasingly we are getting into a " sell on rises" psychology , from a "buy on dips" situation.

This will be evident, if Nifty moves to 7200 levels swifty.If Nifty stalls at 7400 levels, and improves from there then we get to understand that one more upmove in Nifty could unfold.
So currently it is sell on rises strategy...

On daily levels,
On a weekly level...

So, on a larger frame, time cycles are changing.Nifty has gone without a meaningful correction for long.For the time being, Sell on rises as far as trading is concerned and selective investment picks seem to be a prudent approach to the markets.  

Aug  7, 2014                 Mars   trine Neptune  ( Trough by Aug 19 to 21)

Aug  8, 2014                  Sun  conjunct  Mercury 
Aug  8, 2014                    
Mercury  trine Uranus 
Aug  8, 2014                    Sun trines Uranus  ( Trough by August 19 to 21)
Aug  8, 2014                   
Mercury  square   Saturn 

Aug  9, 2014                 
Sun square   Saturn ( Trough by August 22 )

Full Moon on August 10th, at 23.40 hours. This Moon is in Perigee, that means the closest to the Earth.So Moon could be pretty powerful tomorrow.

Aug 18, 2014                 Venus  conjunct  Jupiter  
Aug 18, 2014                 
Mercury   opposition Neptune  

Astrologically, this week on Monday may begin with an upward bang, but may continue to weaken day by day, till August 14.The stars seem to indicate that a turnaround may happen only somewhere in the period Aug 19 to 22.
So I would look to " sell on rises."7700 upside and 7400 on the low side are broadly the range.If Nifty rises beyond 7605, then 7650 should be a good short, providing it weakens there.If 7700 is taken out on the upside, then probably the correction has ended on the downside and the upward g has started. We have to be careful on both sides because we are in a triangle environment.


  1. Thanks Sureshji, had decent profit in last week.....intra day analysis also suggesting the same.....FII’s sold 72k contract of Index Future worth 2720 cores, 44.4 K Long contract were squared off and 27.5 K short contracts were added by FII’s. Net OI decreased by 16921 contracts.FII’s were able to exit there long position without creating any major panic in market.FII’s bought 42.4 K contract PE longs and 11.7 K shorted PE were covered by them.Again FII are covering shorted PE and shorting CE suggests net to net basis going short in Nifty in Option segment...As per EW k on hourly chart with break of 7590 which can take all the way to 7450.

    Thank you!

  2. Good Ashutoshji! Nice to know you are in profit!

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