Sunday, July 2, 2017

When the slow guys decide to move....

June 22 2017: Saturn retrogrades into Scorpio
August 19 2017: Rahu moves to Cancer from Leo
                           Ketu moves to Capricorn from Aquarius
September 11, 2017: Jupiter moves into Libra from Virgo
October 25, 2017: Saturn moves into Sagittarius

Within the next 4 months. all the traditional slow moving celestials are slated to change houses.This will definitely affect all human beings in the world-good or bad shall be decided by the natal positions of these planets in the janma pathrika.
World markets are nothing but expressions of the Collective.
So we may expect, long standing trends to begin changing with heavy volatility.
Just let us embrace the change, with a clear heart and mind....
Since Uranus has begun a very long term waxing phase with Pluto, change being introduced or forced upon now shall only manifest positive results.

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