Monday, April 3, 2017

Money which moves Indian Markets April 03, 2017


  1. Sir do you suggest a breakout from 9240 or a correction to sub 9000 levels is still a possibility .

  2. Break out of the Neutral Triangle which ended at 7983 on Dec 26, gave a post formation target of 9500. 9310 is 98% of 9500. In other words. 9300 is within 2% tolerance of 9500.So the uptrend is maturing fast and a reaction is likely. It could take Nifty below 9000. This does not alter the long term bull in any way. If anything a decline will only add fuel to the bull fire. Remember, this is a liquidity bull, not a growth bull. So strange events can still happen. And we have not even entered the euphoric phase yet!

  3. Sir can we precisely forecast the date on which we expect the downtrend to start.. Currently the market seems in no mood to fall

  4. Alas, I do not possess such capability! In my 27 years of trading, I was not hampered by not knowing the precise date of market turn!. Such predictions is largely an Ego Trip. Just know the general time zone of reversal and use technical indicators to guide you when the turn happens.

  5. Sir , you are not able predict the precise market turn no problem but we all the subscribers missed this 3 months bull rally by yours wrong predictions... you have expected a big fall in january and your technicals tgts were 7700
    neither you expected this blast from JAN nor the fall in november

  6. The market is supreme. I have seen markets moving exactly in the oppossite direction of astro predictions many times.
    If the long term bull theory comes to a halt , at what levels in nifty shall we exit all our longs for a deep fall...

    1. Agreed Micky. Astrology or Technicals are never infallible. Let us trade along the trend and wait for the market to tell us when it is ready to fall.No point in forecasting prices so far out.

  7. Dear Telugu Trader,
    I consider that remark as unfair. Just see the various posts and observations I had made since November 27 to
    NATS Long Term Astro view 2016-2017 Nov 27 2016 to January 08, 2017. You could see that both the significant bottom and the rise afterwards had been forecast and periodically levels were given. It is upto you that these information are put to use.
    “Saturn Neptune square ended on September 09, 2016, ( Nifty topped off on that date! )
    It could form another major top beyond 9119 by May 2017. Which means, markets could come down to 7600 levels, and after December 13 should start moving up, have a reaction around Christmas and then move up further.
    This is for your intellectual understanding only. Use appropriate levels to trade. By second week of December, possibly we should see good levels for investment buying.”

  8. NATS Gann Angles and Wave Counts Dec 04 2016
    “ Nifty has slipped below the 1x2 angle line also, depicting great weakness.Next nodal point is between 7678 and 7840 and it may consume the whole of December.This does not mean that Nifty will continuously fall,but it means that there could be up and down movements before the bearish energy is completely extinguished.”
    Nifty Dasa Charts updated on Dec 04, 2016 ( Last update October 31, 2016 )
    “Sometimes it is amazing how the entire market breaks down its complex inner signals into its binary mode of Fear and Greed. When Fear increases over Greed market falls and vice versa.
    Dasas faithfully record what dominates at the moment in question...
    We seem to be moving towards an important low as per the dasaa also.”

  9. NATS Dec 12 to 16 2016 Astro Update Dec 11, 2016
    “We are entering into a very hectic period astrologically.
    We see that the Jupiter Pluto square was very close to the day of up turn in Nifty It`s pair aspect is the Uranus Jupiter opposition on December 26.
    Immediately Sun Uranus trine is on hand on December 12. Contrary to our expectations Sun Saturn square rose into the conjunction. Probably because of the Uranus factor close by.
    Within 5 trading days of this aspect. Mercury turns retrograde in Venus star. 5 trading days after the retrograde station, we get the Uranus Jupiter opposition. So this Mercury retrograde station could be extremely important. So 19th Dec Nifty may form a top. As usual, give or take 2 days. But, be vigilant. (Two days before on Dec 15, Nifty actually slipped out of the sideways range to go down to 7893 by Dec 26.)
    Dec 26 looks explosive, because apart from Jupiter opposing Uranus, Saturn also trines Uranus. In addition Mars conjuncts Ketu and opposes Rahu. Within 3 days on Dec 29, Uranus turns direct. When a planet changes direction, its energy becomes very intense. Such a Uranus is connected to both Saturn and Jupiter. Something big is on the cards. Uranus likes it big and this time it is assisted by Mars and the nodes as well”.

  10. NATS 19 to 24 December 2016 Astro Update Dec 18, 2016
    Since the western equity markets will have only thin volumes from this week, till the year end, we may expect major market turns because of these powerful formations to happen in the new Year, in the first week of January 2017.
    Maybe Mercury retro could lead to a market fall and markets could recover from the middle of the retro period which is from 19 Dec to 09 Jan 2017 It appears that the markets could fall again after the Mercury retro period because of the involvement of Uranus with the other giants, Jupiter and Saturn.
    Conclusion: Mercury retro could cause a fall.
    Any rise which happens after the fall also is to cautious of.
    A bigger fall awaits all markets in Jan 2017. (Dow did fall lower than Dec 30 on Jan 23 2017. From 13 Jan 2017 to 23 Jan 2017, Nifty reacted from 8461 to 8327, forming a higher bottom than 7893 of Dec 2016).

  11. NATS Astro Analysis for Jan 02 to 06, 2017 Dec 31, 2016
    Then we are in the middle of a Jupiter Uranus opposition and a Saturn Uranus trine. So the Uranus energy can pull the market up, maybe more than we expect before a turn around.
    Also by the weekend, Sun conjuncts Pluto This coincides with Mercury direct.
    Since Uranus is involved, markets may extend time wise as well
    So even though retro station ends on January 09, let us look for a market interim top next week.
    Astrowise, we expect this uptrend to continue in this week.
    NATS Jan 09 to 13, 2017 Astro Updates January 08, 2017
    How would the markets be from an astro point of view?
    We expect the bull phase which had begun in February 2016, to resume this year and possibly make an All time high. We also expect significant declining phases to occur this year. So our over all expectation is a two way market with heavy volatility.
    Long term trends are better understood by the effect of Long term planets.
    We had covered Saturn Neptune Square, in our post of October 10, 2016.
    Accordingly we expected a significant top to form sometime in May 2017.
    Two other formations of importance are happening right now…
    Jupiter square Pluto and opposite Uranus
    Saturn trine Uranus.
    In the period 2017 to 2020, Saturn opposes Rahu in 2019, when Rahu is in Gemini. So 2017 should at least be a good year for equities.
    So in the near term there could be a decline. It may lead to a higher bottom. We do not expect a decline below 7893 Earlier we were expecting 7700 levels, but markets in their wisdom decided to form a low at 7893.
    Dear friends, we are in for a great, exciting ride.At all times use the astro information as only a leading indicator. Technicals will show you how to take positions. By playing positional you can make a lot of money without risks and stress of intraday.”
    All quotes are from the corresponding blog posts.