Saturday, April 8, 2017

Nifty Cycles Update for April 10 to 13, 2017


vick said...

Dear mr.Suresh,
first, thank you for letting me access the one of most educational blog that i have ever read. i wanted to write to let you know that at my age, i have been following you since June2013 when i found you.since,then i have read your work and posts many many times and i can tell you with little knowledge i have due to my Indian heritage i never seen such upto perfection work of Astrology.
your work is beyond par and so much upto perfection i can tell every word you write has a meaning and your work proves that : you said this markets are going up and around May and June we will see New highs in all markets around the world and your words have come true and markets are behaving exactly the way you have predicted. Kudos to you and i sincerely, thank you for letting me read your GOD sent work
my heart felt thanks to you.

vick said...

Dear Mr.Suresh,
hope this finds you well and busy as ever. i am sure you must have heard or read French election results. and people thinks that Euro will survive now and one thing i have read and read and read many times is your extensive work on Demise of EURO in coming time between 2018 and August to september of 2019 when there will be insurmountable troubles for EURO
Do you still think same way or this one election would change your mind atall and if not will you please elaborate if time permits you
Again, markets at present are behaving exactly the way you predicted and seems that next few days may see all time highs again
with many thanks,

Tekkiesuresh said...

Hi Vic,
In fact the French Elections are leading exactly where the stars a break up of Euro.
After Brexit, Brussels was worried with the emerging populist trends all over Europe. In fact if the populist movement had gained foothold with a Le Pen win, then there would have been some scope for change. Now all these politicians will become complacent about the situation, and push Europe into total break up. It is inevitable and it is coming. Euro versus Dollars is a great short trade of 2018.