Monday, January 30, 2017


Except that we expected Hilary to win ( she did get the majority votes ) see our observations on market movement, as forecast in August 2016..


vick said...

Dear Mr.suresh,
As always your work is nothing but a glowing Diamond and at times every word needs to be digested; unbelievable and nothing but Great !!!
that said, i see you also mentioned that markets in 2017 may continue to climb so do you expect a 10% correction atleast in these markets because we did not have a REAL correction since all these FEDS of different countries have opened up their Money printing machines and easy less than 0% interest money is circulating every where.
please explain or write when you can as your time is most valuable
thanks as always

Tekkiesuresh said...

Uranus Saturn trine will happen again on May 18th.Jupiter will become direct by June 10th. Rahu will approach Saturn within 3 degrees of a trine. So that time zone may form an important crest and we could see some meaningful corrections in most markets,

vick said...

Dear mr.Suresh,
Good morning to you

if i remember right, is not previous Uranus Saturn trine brought upside in USA stock markets or may be my memory at 70 is NOT that sharp anymore
will you please again one more time clarify this

CINNAMON said...


I want to study financial astrology but cannot figure out which astrology type should be studied i.e. western, vedic, KP.

I have gone through your blog and you have very good command on this subject. Please suggest from your experience which is branch should be pursued for good results.

In your 2012 initial blog you had suggested KP Stellar system then please suggest some books on it.


Tekkiesuresh said...

Yes.1912/13,1956 and in 1957.A rare signature which brings a crest most often.

Tekkiesuresh said...

Hi Shirish,

Go for the most basic books. Understand the concept thoroughly.Learn to cast a horoscope by hand first.That will put you in practical touch with fundamental processes. Once you have understood the basics first, then you may quickly graduate to Financial Astrology.