Monday, August 3, 2015

Jupiter enters Virgo as per Western system..

Jupiter enters Virgo on August 12, 2015 and leaves Virgo on 09 September 2016, as per Western Astrology System.
Let us see historically how this has influenced the markets in the past....

Amazingly, despite so much of differences between market conditions, kind of participants, their strategies, factors influencing their purchase or sell decisions, we can see how the pattern of price movements over the medium term have been quite consistent and followed a pattern..
1979 is especially interesting, because Jupiter got eclipsed by Rahu. The same is expected this time also.
Directions in the past...will they repeat this time also?

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Mahesh Narayanan said...

Greetings, The Nifty is moving lower as expected. We seem to have completed a Diametric pattern pointing up on the hourly chart and now looking to move down sharply. Levels of 8340 and 8220 seem likely. You can find detailed analysis and NEoWave counts on my Nifty blog along with money management tips.

aktainwala said...

Sir, This refers to 2nd chart for the period 30th Sept 1979 to 27th Oct 1980.
You mean to say after 11th Jan 2016 the markets will rise, after the eclipsing and Jupiter gets R. as in case of DJIA Nov 1979..
Please do respond.

Tekkiesuresh said...

Yes Atain. Jupiter Rahu conjunctions are powerfully bullish. In many ways Rahu and Jupiter have the same effect on the markets. When Rahu is conjunct Jupiter, it takes on the qualities of Jupiter. It is like a Jupiter firing on twin cylinders! More importantly look at the big picture of Jupiter in Virgo as per Western system. Even if there is a rise, later on the markets give up their entire rise and even go below the points from where they started rising.

aktainwala said...

Thanks a lot.
So the markets are in downward trend till the conjunction. Will nifty too follow? Indian astrology indicates different movements and their is divide among the schools too.
North panchang says Jupiter in Leo till mid 2016. Some southern school says fast express movement in leo till 21/12/2015.
which will apply is the issue...?

Niftybaba said...

Suresh, have u stopped writing posts. Please reply?

Tekkiesuresh said...

Niftybaba, Iam not in Chennai.I have some personal exigencies to look after.I shall resume posting after September 18th.