Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dow and S&P


Suren said...

Hi Suresh:

Are current planetary positions similar to the 1903-1904 time frame? There is a lot of international capital moving into the DOW which is propping up the markets although we are continuously making lower highs.

Trump won against all odds. Half the astrology community were saying Hillary was going to win including you.

Thanks .................... Suren

Unknown said...


Then our market I sell on rise if You I'd selling in Indian market .We should sell our stocks


Tekkiesuresh said...

No need to seel your holdings. Even these moves by the big players is not based on any reality. Simply on assumptions that Trump is likely to act in one way. This year all have been fooled. Big players with Brexit and Trump, All media with their poll results, all black money harders with the sudden decision by Modi, all markets by the surprise win by Trump....A Uranus with mercurial temper could really cause some upsets!

Tekkiesuresh said...

Yes. I was thinking Hilary could win. But my thinking was only partially astrological.This was because there was no clear birth time for Hilary. In such contests horoscopes of both the players should be examined. In simple terms, Hilary did poll more votes than Trump! 1903 04 did not have such an intense Neptune and Pluto involvement.Rahu was square Neptune, but an eclipse as we see know is far more potent.Again Pluto is never very far away from Uranus right now and the debt issues are not still settling down. Interest rates then were low, but definitely not as low as they are today!

Suren said...

Do you see the US markets rise into April 2017 as you forecasted before without any astrological intervention of bad times/crashes till that time frame?

Is there a historical period in the past that you can compare the current time frame to where the astrological planetary positions were in a position "exact" as seen today?

Thanks ................. Suren