Sunday, October 30, 2016

s&p 500 weekly


Suren said...

Your 2004 stock market comparison did not pan out in October. Will it show up in November? Your forecast is siding a Hillary win in 10 days - SPX bottoming by election. If Trump wins, stock markets are going to react to the down side big time.

Tekkiesuresh said...

Hi Suren, you are referring to the Dasa combination charts aren`t you? That was purely experimental. It can be accurate only if the time and date of first trade are accurate. Date is fine, but time sometimes is a little vague.I have posted an update if i is of any interest to you. Regarding events like who wins the US Elections or what will happen to interest rates, they are consequences of the Time Cycles and not causative factors. They seemingly appear to be so. Watch the Talking Heads on the TV.If the market moves 50 points they will come up with reasons why it moved. If the market moves down 50 points, they will come up with reasons for that also! Truth is market moves are a result of collective emotional reaction caused due to the time cycles.