Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nifty Astro-July 11 to 15, 2016

This is the view we held last week.
So both the move before Mars enters Scorpio and the combined aspects of Venus+Sun+Mercury opposite Pluto and these planets aspecting Ketu Mars and Neptune all point to a reduction in the bullish fervour...a correction is in the offing.But please take positions only after the market shows signs of correction..not before.This is strictly short term."
This week we observe the following aspects..
July 06 to 09: Venus square Uranus
July 05 to 08: Venus trine Mars
July 11 &12 Mercury square Uranus
July 15 to 18 Sun square Uranus
July 15 to 19 Sun trine Mars
Mars entering Scorpio on July 12
Venus Mercury conjunction July 15 to 19.
As discussed last week, Mars entering Scorpio leads to one more bottom formation and then an upward surge.   
Venus, Mercury and Sun square Uranus and trine Mars...this separately points out to more volatility this week.
Not too much of price damage is happening because of the powerful trine effects of Rahu-Pluto -Jupiter which are longer term planets and cause big upward reversals.
Venus Mercury conjunction most always makes the market flare up after the conjunction.  Additionally, Jupiter enters Sun star and Mars enters Saturn Star on July 26th.These are additional bullish factors.Sun also comes into Saturn star by July 20th.
So astrologically it appears that these week we could have wild swings with a negative bias,but a decisive upward break may happen from July 19/20 onwards.
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Anuj Gupta said...

Mars has entered Scorpio but no downfall in world markets

Tekkiesuresh said...

Last time Mars entered Scorpio was on Feb 29. We saw a bottom by Feb 29. Fall had started from Feb 23 till 29 and then huge recovery. These things do not happen like flicking on a switch..other planetary influences also aid.If the underlying bigger planetary forces are positive, as it is now, then the fall may not be a crash. That is why I keep saying, time not to short but to buy in declines.

Suren said...

Is current planetary set-up comparable to a previous point in time - say 1974-75?

Tekkiesuresh said...

Yes.This is because the market moves are the net result of collective perception of all players in a market.This perception is influenced by planetary energies acting on the collective mind.If a negative planetary combo acts then the net outcome will be negative, because the collective mind recognizes the negativity in the environment, more.And vice versa.Now, coming to your query, the reasons for positive or negative perceptions under the planetary influences may differ between two time points.For ex, if in 1974, scarcity of oil was a reason for feeling negative about economic growth, in 2016, it could be how many oil companies are going to default on their loans because of oil glut.In both cases the end result is negative perception or sentiment.So it stands to reason that the same planetary cycles may produce similar results in two different time points.Similar, mind you, not the same results.