Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week beginning March 19, 2012

This should be an interesting week with a New Moon in Aries acting as a pivotal point. Will the Nifty go down first and then rally towards 5630 to form a double top? Let us see what astro technicals has to offer:


sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

A different perspective to markets and well intended.
Monday market did close weak.
Tue market did open better and closed weak.

So Two brownie points for u...:)

Again Wed looks better.

Tekkiesuresh said...

Thank you sometimebullsometimebear. I had always had a feeling that astro technicals can provide a leading indicator role..We may have to refine it with time.I intend to take up each of the major aspects as they occur and see how the markets behaved towards them in the past and see whether we get some idea of future occurrences.Do continue your valuable comments..sometimes it is lonely in this area!

Warm Regards,


Just Trade said...

Hello Mr Suresh,

Visiting you blog for the first time. I am amazed and exited reading your analysis for this week.
Every day has panned out as per your predictions.

Suresh Kumar