Monday, March 26, 2012

Let us begin by analyzing our expectations of last week.
Nifty opened at 5337, moved slightly higher and then went down to 5238, to finally close negatively  at 5257, on Monday, March 19, 2012.
On March 20, 2012, it opened at 5257 moved up 40 points to 5297, reacted to 5233 and closed marginally positive at 5274.
On March 21, 2012, it moved pretty positively to close at 5364.
On March 22, it retraced the entire up move of the previous day and closed very negatively at 5228, lower than the opening of March 21, which was 5267.
March 23, saw some recovery and Nifty closed positively at 5278. For the week Nifty had lost 39 points.

I had expected a bit more overall bullishness but evidently the conjunction between Moon and Retrograde Mercury had more lessons for me! It was a huge down day.( March 22, 2012)
In fact since then I had got into detailed analysis mode and have understood several lunar principles which govern the market. There is tremendous wisdom in the words of W.D.Gann- the fast moving planets are the key. With Mercury ruling 17% of the Nifty Index component industries (Software and telecom) little wonder then that Mercury influences Nifty pretty strongly. I have here a detailed graph which brings out an observation that multiple lunar events are necessary to bring in timing into the market.
The other posts are about my technical take on Nifty and the coming week from an astro perspective.

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