Sunday, September 17, 2017


Dear all,
I  have decided to take down this website. If any of you wish to use these articles please feel free to do so. These articles may be available for a maximum of thirty days.
You are free to use these articles anywhere you please. No need to even mention that I was the author. Please feel free to use all these articels as if they are yours.
Whatever stuff which had been put here actually is Universal Knowledge which had come through a conduit called Suresh.
I never was the owner of any of these knowledge.
Iam posting an image of the true owner of these articles.

Best Essence was hers. All lousy interpretations were mine! 
Love you all.
I intend to be back from January 01, 2018, with a lot more!
Till then, I pray that  you all have Productivity, Prosperity and  Peace in plenty!