Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Long Term Cycles again...

The subject of cycles of planets is an endlessly fascinating subject. While the long term cycles give us an indication of whether to invest or not ( as opposed to speculation), cycles of fast moving planets indicate the medium and short term outlooks quite clearly.
We did touch upon this subject in the post of July 18th, and let us look a little more deeper into this now.
The three primary cycles which we are concerned now, primarily are
Saturn and Neptune in a kendra
Jupiter and Saturn which were in a kendra and have since moved away  and
Jupiter and Pluto in a triangular arrangement which also has concluded as of June 24th..
Market effects as we know is the composite effects of all these cycles acting simultaneously..
So what can we deduce from each of these cycles, taken separately and one by one.
Saturn Neptune cycles of the past...

We see very long term cycles get culminated and a cycle top is made 6 to 9 months after this passage.
This is a hugely important cycle and we should not just reduce its importance to some minor daily effect alone.
Jupiter Pluto cycles of the past...
We see, after the aspect is formed mostly in several passages due the frequent retrograde effects of both these slow guys, market forms a big top some 7 months later on..
One of them was the birth of the huge bull market of 2003 which rewrote the history of our stock markets forever.
The third is the well known Jupiter Saturn squares...

Again, we see the markets rising into a top six months later to this formation...
Ok, these were all cycles from the past...
what do we have now?
All the above three cycles are acting simultaneously!
In 2016!
Look at these charts....

Each of the aspects are pointing towards a rising market into  2017 !
And they are acting simultaneously, thereby greatly potentiating the effect!
So it looks like we have a great run ahead of us! Whether there is GST or not!
In fact we can conclude some safe bets here...
If  markets have to rise, then we cannot have a wild card President in the US. So US looks like it would elect its first woman President!
Deutsche Bank  or those  other banks of Europe are not likely to cause a global melt down.
Huge liquidity might continue to fuel the market, growth or no growth.
We conclude here that the slow moving planets do have a lot of information and help us gather insight for a longer period of time.
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  1. Thank you v much sir..

  2. So that means market will not consolidate now? And carsh may be after march 2017

  3. No, it does not mean that. Market can still go down now, but that it may definitely be higher in Jan or Feb 2017 from where a more sustained fall may take place.Also the going down now may not be a big bear trend. It could only be natural retracement in a bull market. Market may resume its upward direction after the profit taking event.