Monday, January 11, 2016

Astro Analysis January 10, 2015

On January 09, Rahu moves to Leo and Ketu to Aquarius..
How were the past experiences of such moves?

Consistent down move.

Flat moves with huge volatility

We see Rahu being supported by trine aspects from Jupiter and Saturn.From a double bottom market moves up.

Immediately on entering Leo, Rahu conjuncts Jupiter.This will lend support to Rahu. Also Rahu trines Sun, its Star lord soon after it enters Leo.

Three important time zones when Rahu is in Leo:

When Rahu enters Venus star,we see an important Square between Saturn and Jupiter.Several planets in the degree orb of 20 to23 degrees,

Here we see Rahu conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto..Several long term planets are getting into formation. 2016 will be hugely volatile.

Here we see Saturn closely aspecting Rahu.
So first half of the year is expected to be better than 2015 and second half, worse than 2015.
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