Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals-Astro View Jan 21 to 31 2013

Last week we had expected Nifty to move up till January 18, 2013. We had expected to see a correction either on January 18 or within a few days.
We were expecting a translation of Venus conjunction Pluto before which Venus had squared Pluto.
Just like in Technical Analysis and in Wave Theory, the major trend or cycle will dominate and influence the medium or shorter trends, always. This is very true in Financial Astrology as well.
So what was the mistake I did last week? It was not ascertaining the underlying major trends first before examining the medium or shorter trends.
I shall not make this mistake again.
What constitutes Long, Medium and Short term trends in Financial Astrology?

  • Interactions between very slow and very distant moving planets constitute very long term trends. Eg: Uranus-Pluto-Neptune aspects to one another
  • Interactions between  distant moving planets constitute  long term trends. Eg: Uranus-Pluto-Neptune aspects to Saturn,Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu or aspects involving only Saturn,Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.Also stationary and retrograde stations of these distant planets are trend determinants.
  • Interactions between  medium distant moving planets constitute  medium term trends. Eg: Uranus-Pluto-Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter,Rahu and Ketu  aspects to Mars, Venus or Sun.Aspects between Mars, Sun and Venus to one another also can be medium term, provided there are other signatures nearby.  Most often one or more of these aspects will be present in a cluster adding weightage to the moves. 
  • Mars, Sun,Venus and Mercury are fast moving planets and aspects and interactions among them leads to short term movements. Moon and the Ascendant influence very short term movements.
Coming back to Uranus- Venus -Pluto interactions, this medium term aspect can get postponed or diluted based on certain other long term aspects.Given below is one such example from the past.

Red line represents Uranus square Venus and Black line is Venus conjunct with Pluto.

Let us see the effect on the price chart...

 So, the current Uranus-Venus- Pluto translation also has got the potential to get modified.
How do we expect it to pan out?
To understand that better, we need to see a couple of long term/ medium term effects in the offing..

So far our understanding is that, for a slightly longer term, Neptune and Jupiter will cause bullishness.
For the medium term, Uranus and Mars will cause bullishness but reversals in the short term also is on the cards.
Jupiter when it becomes direct will cause reversal of the current up moves.
One more time we look at this week`s charts...

Mars get into a square with Rahu and Ketu axis. And Sun will trine Jupiter.
So what we see is positive and negative forces acting alternatively and in tandem.
What do we conclude:

Astrologically, Nifty is bound to go up higher till possibly May, 2013, because of Jupiter in Taurus.That Jupiter is about to conjunct with Neptune in the natal chart. So the bullishness at present may continue.This up move is also underlined by a conjunction between natal Uranus and transiting Mars  in Capricorn.
During this up move we have corrections ( not down trends) coming up because of the following factors:
Venus-Uranus-Pluto translation
Mars square to Rahu-Ketu axis
Mercury square Saturn
Sun square to Saturn on January 31, 2013.
That is also the day transiting Jupiter becomes direct.
So the week beginning January Nifty may top out, possibly after RBI`s announcement. Most probably when Moon comes to Leo, on January 29, 2013,in the period between Full Moon and Third quarter Moon.
The next turns may happen on February 05, 2013, when Mars conjuncts Neptune.

me request, as usual, not to anticipate. Use regular indicators such as
moving averages and Bollinger Bands to enter and exit the market, with adequate
stop loss protection.
All the best for the forth coming week!  


  1. Hi Suresh

    there is a transit culmination on jan 23rd and you have mentioned there will be continuous positive movement, what i want to know is it, when will it actually effect nifty is it on jan 23rd or after 2 or 14 days or more.


  2. Dear Jinoy,

    See today`s post please.

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