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Astro Technicals ..Jupiter and Taurus...Way forward

Taurus is called a fixed sign. It`s element is Earth. The mascot of Taurus is the Bull.( not your stock market bull!). A characteristic of bulls is not wanting change. They love to peacefully graze and laze around the meadows. They are disturbed by sudden changes in their environment.
Jupiter is an expansive planet, which likes to expand whatever it connects with or the things associated with Jupiter. Being a slow moving planet the effects represented by Jupiter are generally long term.
So what happens when Jupiter moves through Taurus? It takes about a year to travel through the 30 degrees of Taurus.
Jupiter will maintain the status quo. It may expand but it will NOT CHANGE the underlying trend.Since it is Jupiter, we are obviously referring to long term trends.
Since this is an Astro Technical blog, we restrict our interest to what happens to our stock markets when Jupiter is in Taurus.
Let us see what had historically happened.
The earliest record we have of Indian stock markets, when Jupiter was in Taurus, was in June 1988 to July 1989...

   The BSE Sensex moved up from 552 to 798, representing a 45% increase.The underlying trend was bullish and was preserved  despite two major shake outs, one in Nov 1988 and the other in April-May 1989.
The next time we had this astrological event of Jupiter in Taurus, was in June 2000 to June 2001.
Let us see what had happened....
This is a weekly chart, for better clarity...

We can see Nifty had dropped 20% despite a few counter rallies. Once again the underlying trend had been preserved.
Let us fast forward to the present times..
Jupiter had been in Taurus since May 17 2013 and shall leave Taurus on May 31, 2013.

Once again we see that the underlying trend has been preserved. So is it not logical to expect Jupiter to preserve this bull trend up to March 2013? We also notice that the counter trend moves have not been particularly strong this time when Jupiter is in Taurus..
Why is this?
Possibly the presence of Saturn in its exaltation sign Libra has added to the bullish tones of the market.Now Rahu is slated  to enter Libra on January 16, 2013. This will further strengthen Saturn`s bullish push and bring in  gambling tendencies into the market. In other words the bullish tendencies could increase.
I know it is a dumb thing to profess but then markets never did follow economics or politics did they?
The entire 2012, was thought to be a year in which terrible things could happen...Euro collapse, bankruptcies of several Euro nations, devaluation of the dollar,Chinese economy collapse..even an end to the financial markets.Let me honestly say I also did never in the least expect 2012 to become so handsomely rewarding for Indian stock investors.
By February 11 Saturn will start to slow down
By February 16 Mars will trine Saturn
By January 31, Uranus and Jupiter would start separating from their about-to-form-sextile.  
and by February 19, Saturn will turn retrograde.
So we expect the first major reversal to occur around this time, give or take a few days.This will be hailed as the beginning of the great down trend, but since Jupiter will still be in Taurus,we may expect a sudden reversal, possibly because of something in the Union Budget 2013 and rise even higher than the previous top. 
In June 2013 once Jupiter moves out of  Taurus, and with Saturn   retrograde in Rahu star, in Libra,Pluto retrograde from April 12 onwards, and with Uranus and Pluto forming yet another square, we could possibly see a real bad mother of a bear coming on, when most people expect it the least.
Rewinding to current times, a fifth wave extension now looks a possibility.So we have another 31 days of fear filled positive excitement.
Dear friends, I have just let loose the dogs of my imagination here...Do not trade on these projections. Read it, have fun but wait for Nifty to truly change her direction before climbing aboard from the right direction.Stop losses are simply a must to just survive in the market.  

All the very best for next week!

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