Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals- Jupiter Play

One of the most important questions engaging the attention of all those who have been trading or investing in the capital markets is,
Whether the market is going to top out soon?
Despite weak fundamentals and economic conditions, will the liquidity sloshing around as FII Investments push the market higher and higher?
Now, since the planet of expansion and  growth has always been primarily Jupiter, I just checked out similar  positions  of Jupiter in the past....
Here is an interesting analysis....

Given the Elliott wave theory expectation of a topping out imminently or shortly hereafter, this looks pretty crazy.
I just looked to see how the Sensex behaved when Jupiter was in Taurus in previous two instances...

  Was there any instances of topping out, when Jupiter moved to the next sign, which is Gemini?
Yes. There were two instances.

Compared to the corrections we were to see later these were not spectacular, but I guess when the action was happening, at that time period it might have been overwhelming.
Will history repeat itself? Only Time will tell!


  1. Hi suresh can we assume the short term down we were expecting started???

  2. Yes Charan. Please see my latest post.

    Warm Regards,


    1. Suresh. Can u be more clear to say that astro expects mkt up or down. Is this an uptrend or downtrend started which will continue further with jupitar??

  3. Dear Sethi,

    As per astro indications, in the near term, we are going to have a correction. In fact we have already started.
    In the medium term the current up trend will survive and grow some more.
    Iam expecting substantial corrections in January, post January 15th.
    Thanks and Regards,