Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals-An explanation

This post is to address a fundamental concern.Our friend, Somnath Mukherji had asked a very important and interesting question:
".....Where I get confused is, most of the time, there is too much of information. Moon declination, trines, conjunctions, so many planets and so on. Something or the other is always going on somewhere. Now we have to find out, which of these really have some effect on our markets...."
Iam quite sure this must be a question several readers who are new to Astrology or have only a passing acquaintance with Astrology must have asked themselves.
Let me make one assumption before attempting to answer this important question. I assume that most readers of this blog are people who are active traders or investors and that the reason they read this blog is to get an edge on market moves through Astrology.This must be one among many such blogs most of them visit routinely.
Now let us attempt to answer.
There are two axioms which work quite effectively in Financial Astrology.
1.The Moon must be involved in all manifestations or actions which we see in the physical plane.
2.It is not only the Moon`s longitudinal positions but also the latitudinal positions  which really point out what happens in the markets.
Let me illustrate with two charts:

Black arrows are points where the Moon reaches maximum or minimum Latitudes.Red arrows are the times when Moon reaches its maximum distance from the Moon or minimum distance from the Earth.
I always select two adjacent dates whenever Latitudes are involved.
Iam sure anyone with rudimentary understanding can make money with just these two leading indicators. I have not even used New Moon or Full Moon or  Declinations here.All the aspects and star based analysis are just to know the depth and extent of the movements as understood through the Moon.
If we can combine this with Fibonacci and Elliott wave understanding Iam sure we can have a simple method of trading the markets.Then one doesn`t even need to know the play of aspects of larger planets actually!
Now, this is not a fool proof method. There will be false signals occasionally.This is why I keep cautioning about stop losses and allowing the markets to  show the way first.
The larger aspects and formations will reduce the errors considerably. But one can take his time about learning those, if this method is first deployed.
I keep posting all the important aspect formations every week, along with the declinations and other Lunar formation.If on a date if there is no lunar formation but Moon is involved as a third party in an aspect between two planets then one must be careful about reversals on that day.
I do hope this post removes some of the confusion prevailing in the reader`s minds.  


  1. Thanks tekkieji for providing your astro technical view about nifty.

    Weekly Pivot Levels

    1. Dear Ashish

      You are welcome.

      Warm Regards,


  2. Nice explanation, also for everyone please have a look into following points.

    1) please don't be greedy, before getting into market, get your stop loss defined, as well as the margin of profit, no matter what happens , pull all of your money if your SL hits.
    2) option traders: please do not average your trades by buying to the same options & changing your SLs multiple times, if you really want to make money , buy in oposite side, like : if you have CALL options, and you are making loss and near to SL, buy PUT around 15-30% of your total amount invested in CALL. you wont make much profit but loss will be minimal also :)
    since you are close to hit your SL, you need to bear some losses.

    Please do not wait more number of days for options you are dealing with, the premium will go down day by day, so you need to execute asap.

    3)future traders: do not expect your amount to be double overnight, play wisely, if SL hits...please get out of that stock... do not avarage, and future investment amount should not be more than 25% of your total investment in terms of EQUITY/FD...etc.

    hope this will help along with astrology, personally,I think; if you know astrology and play wisely, you will enjoy the stock market.

    everyone make losses, but do not be that trader, who will earn day-by-day and also loose all of them in a single day.

    Thank you Sureshji for helping everyone.

    1. Dear Mohanty,
      Very well said.No system in the world can help you if you do not have a proper trading plan.

      Thank you for your comments.

      Warm Regards


  3. dear sir please tell me how to get data for moon's maximum and minimum latitude?

    1. Dear Tushar,
      You can get real time Moon values in the following website.

      Thanks and Regards,