Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals October 29 to November 02, 2012

We are entering into a rather high energy and impactful November month, astrologically speaking.

Starting with the effect of Sun Saturn conjunction, upcoming Mars- Jupiter opposition, Venus- Uranus and Pluto in a T- square formation, Venus into debilitation later part of the month, Mercury getting retrograde, plus a total Solar Eclipse –all beginning with a Full Moon on October 30 early morning.

Phew! The heavens are quite active this month! 

Let us take this one mouthful at a time. We concentrate only on the week, October 29 to Nov 02, 2012.
Have a look at the macro   position tabulation below. Particularly the column named as Orb effect date. 

The conjunction of a debilitated Sun with an exalted Saturn at 8*23’’ of Libra could make the market go up and form a crest and then cause a reversal. The reversal because of this aspect is expected by November 02.

Mars Jupiter opposition is also a powerful force which could impact the market by this weekend. Venus Pluto-Uranus effect is expected only later this month and so we skip them for now.

We must also look at the Natal Planets of Nifty to understand any specific impact.

As can be seen from the tabulation above, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn combinations with Rahu are currently not good for Nifty because of their opposition effect.
Rahu and Ketu in single star formations are good. That two major planets, Saturn and Sun are currently in Rahu star and such a Rahu is in trine with Natal Rahu of Nifty is possibly what props up Nifty, astrologically speaking. This is of course my reading and I leave the conclusions to my learned readers.
To sum up, aspects wise, Nifty should improve up-to November 31 and then continue its fall. But the improvement and the fall may not be substantial. But enough to benefit traders, let us add.

Let us look at the Declinations:

·   Venus Uranus decl- conj on October 29 should push the market higher.
     Venus crossing from North to South should start a decline by October 31.
    Moon at the highest northern declination is a turning point for the market. We may expect an up move  on November 05.

      Next, let us look at the Full Moon chart of Nifty.

New Moon chart says that Nifty may bottom out by Nov 07 at 11.21 am.
End of Wave 4?
Wave counts will be covered in the next post. Daily Nifty Astro projections will be covered in the daily post.
Meanwhile let us not forget that we continue to be in the lunar red zone. Trade cautiously. Wait for price turns to happen and let us avoid anticipations.

Have a great week of trading!  

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