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Nifty Astro Technicals October 22 to 26, 2012

Nifty`s wave 4 which began on October 04, continues to consume time without any appreciable price damage yet. In the bargain, the wave patterns are becoming complex and nearly useless from a positional point of view. Only the most nimble of day traders seem to be making money as of now. But then for followers of Elliott Waves, this is nothing new. Just trading the impulses and an occasional correction is more than enough to be satisfyingly  profitable.Complex corrections make us become more disciplined,enough to know when not to trade.
We continue with our analysis of Nifty movements

If Nifty breaks 5641 it would be breaking the baseline of the descending triangle as well as 1x2 Gann line.That would lead to 5585 levels.

Here are the preferred wave counts.Wave c of the corrective Wave 4 is likely being formed.

Astrologically, we are in the Lunar negative period for the rest of the month. Most important aspect this week is the conjunction of Sun and Saturn in Libra.
Let us look at this week, in detail:

Red period continues throughout Oct 22. Nodes which are direct from Oct 18, become regular retrograde on Monday, Oct 22, 2012, at 09.00.26 am. Will this bring a small trend reversal?
09.15 am to 11.20.04 am, Moon in Sun star, is in the sub of Mercury. Natal Sun is at QC with transiting Mercury. Negative opening expected.
At 11.20.04, Moon, in Sun star, moves out of the sub of Mercury into Ketu. Negativity should subside.
At 13.33.55 Moon moves into Sun star, Venus sub for the rest of the trading day. Venus is. Caution: Natal Sun is square transiting Venus. Natal Venus is square transiting Venus.
At 14.15 Asc moves into Saturn sign, Mars star. Moon will be in Sun star, Venus Sub. Natal Mars is trine with transiting Sun. So markets should improve from hereon.
Oct 23: Sun and Moon are in the same declination. Moon is in Moon star. On October 23rd lunar negativity should continue till 12.30 pm. By 12, 30 pm, downward momentum ought to slow down. If it doesn`t then the day could be negative.
Oct 24: Moon reaches its maximum Latitude on Oct 24th. Sun and Neptune are in decl-conj .Effect is seen usually one day after. We have no trading on Oct 24.
So Oct 25 could be a reversal- to-the-positive-day. Further, Saturn reaches its farthest distance, during this time.
On October 26, Moon crosses the Celestial Equator, from South to North. Moon in decl- conj with Uranus. By 11 am, Moon moves into negative zone again. So Nifty may end the week on a negative note.
On a Universal scale there are not many aspects to discuss. Sun- Saturn conjunction is expected to take effect from October 31.Venus Jupiter square aspect should end on October 22. Aspects of import are listed here.

Exact Date




Orb Effect Date

Expected Effect

08 Oct 07:18:00
Mars-Neptune (R)
Waning Square
Within 5 days or 8-12 days
Oct 12 or 17-23.
Dual effect, but mostly crests.
09 Oct 13:27:35
Venus- Pluto
Waning Trine
Within 5 trading days. Sometimes 11
Oct 16 or 25
Crest formation-Medium term effect

15 Oct15:40:00

Mars-Uranus (R)

Waning Trine

6 trading days

Oct 23

Not very strong or consistent. Crest formation, mostly.

17 Oct04:53:35

Venus-Jupiter (R)

Waxing Square

3 trading days, sometimes on the day of aspect.

Oct 19

Good trading signature. Dual effect.

25 Oct14:04:45


Conjunction with Sun nearly debilitated

5 to 7 trading days

Oct 31 to Nov 02

4% reversals. Mostly crests. But some dual effects also seen.

As usual we recognize all these are conjectures. We will wait for the price action to confirm or negate these expectations and trade accordingly.
Wishing you all the very best, of what this festive season  has to offer!

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