Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals Oct 22,2012

This is what we had written in October 21, Sunday post.

"..... Red period continues throughout Oct 22. Nodes which are direct from Oct 18, become regular retrograde on Monday, Oct 22, 2012, at 09.00.26 am. Will this bring a small trend reversal?
09.15 am to 11.20.04 am, Moon in Sun star, is in the sub of Mercury. Natal Sun is at QC with transiting Mercury. Negative opening expected.
At 11.20.04, Moon, in Sun star, moves out of the sub of Mercury into Ketu. Negativity should subside.
At 13.33.55 Moon moves into Sun star, Venus sub for the rest of the trading day. Venus is. Caution: Natal Sun is square transiting Venus. Natal Venus is square transiting Venus.
At 14.15 Asc moves into Saturn sign, Mars star. Moon will be in Sun star, Venus Sub. Natal Mars is trine with transiting Sun. So markets should improve from hereon.
Oct 23: Sun and Moon are in the same declination. Moon is in Moon star. On October 23rd lunar negativity should continue till 12.30 pm. By 12, 30 pm, downward momentum ought to slow down. If it doesn`t then the day could be negative...".
Nifty did move up to 5721.55 yesterday, before closing at 5717.15.As of now, on October 23,10.48 am Nifty is at 5705 at -11 points.
By 12.05.20 PM, Moon will move into Venus sub in Moon star,Will the decline continue is an interesting Astro question. An important lesson coming up.  

In the daily chart, 5677 is today`s Gann Angle support price. Nifty looks unlikely to break this today.

In the hourly charts, 5720 levels look very strong, Nifty having approached this level, at least 4 times in the  past several days. Wave c also looks like forming a diametric with the present day movement as minute wave d.


  1. Nice analysis, after spending several years in astrology(not by profession), came to know about this blog recently... me too invest in stock market…. not much… only on F&O based on astrological as well as technical analysis (e.g RSI/MACD/STOCH/CCI) for certain outcome.
    “You are doing a nice job for helping others to understand value of both… keep up the good work!”

  2. Thanks Mohanty for your kind words. The thing is both Astrology and Technical Analysis are exciting and addictive!

    Warm Regards,