Sunday, August 26, 2012

Planetary aspect clusters and effect on Nifty

When there are more than one pair of planetary aspects coming closer together in a time band, we may expect to see market reactions happening. Always the clusters would signify a change in direction in the market.Inside the time band, the event will manifest only if lunar phenomena takes place. It could be anything, a New Moon, Full Moon, a powerful declination change, or a conjunction of Moon with the major set of planets which form part of the aspect cluster.
We can see in the chart above, how every major top and bottom are defined by planetary aspect clusters and how the effect manifests when Moon gets involved.A powerful single aspect such as Sun square Jupiter of Jan 24 had only a cursory effect.
Examining the phenomena, closer to our present time of trading we continue to see correlations:

Accordingly the Full Moon of August 31 assumes reversal significance. Up or down will always depend on how the market was, going into the lunation.Interestingly, on September 04, Moon opposes Saturn &  Mars, squares Venus,trines Sun, Mercury and Pluto all in 24 hours!
In plain words we expect the present small decline to persist this week. We expect a reversal on August 31. We expect a sideways market with ups and downs till September 4. Then we expect an upward reversal post September 04.Does the projection remind you of a 4th wave or a 2nd wave or a B wave? If so then probably you are correct, because Neo Wave suggests that we are in the 4th wave of Wave 3 of Wave C.More of it in the next post.
All this is probability projections and we will make our trading moves only when Nifty confirms her intentions with price moves.

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