Friday, August 3, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals Intra week review

Nifty moved more or less in line with our expectations this week, from July 30 till August 02,which is yesterday.As anticipated the Full Moon  coupled with a Moon star day had applied the brakes on a good up move which began on Monday, this week beginning, on July 30. 
Saturn and Mars have their declinations crossing each other`s today, August 03.Today also happens to be a Mars day. So the negativity could be expected to continue.We are already witnessing the effects of the impending Saturn Mars conjunction-Train accidents involving fire, widespread power black out,riots,low intensity bomb explosions  and restive mobs everywhere.
See the chart below:
Since Mercury is retrograde, Nifty could not quite reach the price targets expected of her.Instead of reaching 5258 zone, she turned down from 5246.
Red transparency indicates this week`s movement.


  1. What's your opinion about the "mayan calender" any idea?? it may cause severe damage?? which is coincides with your uranus square pluto

  2. Dear Sujatha,

    Regarding the Mayan Calendar, I have a post for you....

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