Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nifty May 21-25-Weekly Astro picture

Lunar and Planetary aspects for May 21 to 25, 2012
May 20 is an annular solar eclipse day. Happening in India`s 12th house, is a cause of concern for the rupee. Overseas events ruled by 12th house will continue to dominate for some more time.
May 21 is a New Moon Day. It is also an Apogee Moon. Negativity of the Super Moon could temporarily reverse.
On May 21, 2.50 pm, Moon  conjuncts Ketu, opposes Rahu and forms a square with Neptune. Obviously the nodes are also square to Neptune.
Jupiter is QC to Saturn. Mercury also is QC to Saturn on May 21, 2012.Both will have a reducing effect on Nifty
Moon Nodes turn direct on May 22 and continue to be so till May 25.
Moon reaches its maximum North declination on May 22, 2012, Tuesday at 04.44 pm.May 22, seems to an important Lunar day.
For Venus retrograde station of May 16th, 4 trading days is the orb. This points out to a short term trough on May 22, 2012.
On May 22, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter,  when the market opens. Positive news flow can cause optimism.
Sun begins a square with Neptune today.
On May 23, 2012, Mercury starts moving away from Jupiter. Mercury qc with Saturn also is off. Rest aspects including Saturn Venus trine continues to operate. Actually the negative vibes seem to dominate on May 23, 2012. Either the optimism of the previous day evaporates and the market cools off or a decline begins again.  
On May 24th, negativity increases. Moon squares Uranus and Pluto. Sun conjuncts Ketu and opposes Rahu. This is all in addition to Neptune squaring up with the Nodes and the Pluto –Uranus power house square formation lurking in the back ground. Towards market closing hours Moon forms a sextile with Mars-reducing the pessimism a little bit.
On May 25th, Mercury also becomes square to Neptune.
On May 16th, Mars formed a waning trine with Pluto. Cycle culmination is within 7 trading days. May 25 th is the 7th trading day for this signature.
On May 17 we had retrograde Venus forming a trine with retrograde Saturn. The trough expected is within 5 to 12 trading days. May 25 is the 5th trading day and June 5th is the 12th trading day.
I plan to   wait for an up move on Monday, beyond 4928, to be long. There has been some positive noises out of G8.If it declines and turns up from 4800 also I will start becoming long. If the Nifty closes firmly, I will carry my baby bulls with me, home. If it reacts post 3 pm, I may liquidate my positions.
And take up fresh longs on Tuesday, just at the opening. Second half of the week, I prefer cave dwellers- those mountain grizzlies!

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