Sunday, September 17, 2017


Dear all,
I  have decided to take down this website. If any of you wish to use these articles please feel free to do so. These articles may be available for a maximum of thirty days.
You are free to use these articles anywhere you please. No need to even mention that I was the author. Please feel free to use all these articels as if they are yours.
Whatever stuff which had been put here actually is Universal Knowledge which had come through a conduit called Suresh.
I never was the owner of any of these knowledge.
Iam posting an image of the true owner of these articles.

Best Essence was hers. All lousy interpretations were mine! 
Love you all.
I intend to be back from January 01, 2018, with a lot more!
Till then, I pray that  you all have Productivity, Prosperity and  Peace in plenty!


  1. Dear Suresh,
    please take this from an old man who has followed you very religiously. May God Bless you !!!!

    you are right we all are just the conduits ; please keep me in mind when you return after the first of the year
    God Bless us All!!

    1. Of course Vicky Sir It shall be far more regular... definitely once every week.

  2. Dear Suresh,
    thanks for writing
    with all Good wishes and my prayers for your higher calling ; now a days, very Few people does what you are embarking on and again, May God be with you all the Way !!!

  3. Thanks Sureshji for all that you passed on. Will wait eagerly for your higher knowledge.

  4. Sureshji, I had been following your comments since many years. Always learnt a lot from you. Thanks for your regular updates. Wish you all the best

  5. I have no words only feeling, a lot of love affection may god give you new highs in all aspect of your life

  6. May the Goddess bless you on all your current and future pursuits. I will be happy to be your co traveller on all your journeys.

  7. dear Mr.Suresh,
    wanted to take this time to wish you and family a Happy, Healthy,peaceful and prosperous newyear !!!