Monday, August 15, 2016

Nifty Long term Angle chart as of Aug 12, 2016


  1. Hi, can you please explicitly mention your prophecy for coming week/ days... You share a lot of data which makes a image in your mind that you are going into the depth... But we are more interested in what you make out of that analysis... Its a suggestion, try to mention clearly as to on which days you think the will be rise/fall. I think only people will develop confidence in your reading and they will subscribe.

    1. Hi Anuj,
      First of all, I do not offer any prophecies. All of them are detailed studies. Wherever I find a conclusion has to be mentioned, I do so. For example in the article above, I have mentioned that Nifty is travelling below the long term 45 degree angle. I have also mentioned that Nifty is moving towards 9300 -9400.That is a conclusion. I have also said that the next long term low is in 2023. That also is another conclusion.
      Now, my analysis is not about telling which days Nifty will rise or fall.Having said that, my subscribers do get a more detailed view for positional trades. Basically my approach is to blend astro and technicals and offer a sustained trading system where Astro as a whole acts as a leading indicator.
      In my previous post on Eclipses, I had clearly mentioned that last week of August could be a reversal period and that September is a month for bears. Is it not explicit enough?
      Detailed studies are for the benefit of several other people who follow the blog, who are also into astro studies or research. I do take a lot of effort in putting these analyses together and sharing it in the public domain.