Friday, April 5, 2013

Astro Technicals for April 05 2013

On April 03 and 04th Nifty exhibited typical characteristics of f wave in a diametric formation, when it resembles b wave in the sequence...
We watch to see if Nifty bounces off 5548 forming the C section of wave F.Astro wise the market ought to be in a sideways or negative position till April 15th.See also how each leg has been timewise similar-which means the current leg should end somewhere on April 10th.With increased volatility, we may see a time shortening as well.
In any case, if there is a bounce, it will be another "sell on rise" situation.
Gann lines also indicate the importance of 5548. A break would mean further weakness. Volumes however had been low during the two day sharp cuts.

Weekly cycles are also interestingly poised. Timewise they look to turn. However we must wait for the turn.

A look at Institutional behaviour...

So let us stay with " sell on rise " strategy till Nifty reveals that wave B has begun. Then we buy.
Post April 15th, when Sun, Venus and Mars along with Ketu are in Aries, then more actions should begin.


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  4. nifty pivot point 5555.08
    Resistance 5575.47 Support:5532.87
    based on tom demarks and woodie pivot points.

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