Sunday, March 10, 2013

Astro Technicals March 11 to 15 2013

In the post for March 04 to 08, this was our observation:

We have a Minimum declination occurring on March 05. Moon Perigee on March 06. We have a Moon Perigee on March 06. Mercury reaches extreme declination on March 07.Maximum Latitude on March 09.
Nifty may improve from March 06 onwards and possibly accelerate from March 09 onwards.

Nifty did precisely that. The acceleration took quite a few people by surprise. However we still feel it is not an impulse movement but a corrective one.The current up move could either be Wave B or Wave d of Wave A itself, where in the latter stage we assume Nifty is in a diametric down move.

If we consider the Fibo retracement, then a 76.8 to 80% retracement should mean that Nifty may cross 6000 once again,comfortably this week. 

What does Astro indicate as a possible top formation time?

It looks like reversals are likely only during the week March 18 to 22.Lunar indicators are gathering once again from March 18 onwards. Mercury is becoming direct.

A curious thing is that in the New Moon chart for March 12, 2013, the luminaries Sun and Moon are square the natal Sun and Venus at New Moon moment.Iam not clear whether this means a sudden drop sometime this week followed by a recovery. It should be interesting to watch.Even if there is any dip my bias would be to buy the dips. 

Mean while the S&P is interestingly poised...It is entering the blow off part of an expanding triangle....

Have a great week of trading!


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    1. Thank you NEVER GIVE UP.Iam just trying to learn to apply two great spheres of Knowledge, Technical Analysis and Astrology, in a profitable manner.Sorry for the delayed reply..I was not in station for the whole of last week.

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  2. Excellent Suresh. I liked ur all theories. Helping us all in timing the market. Thanks a lot.
    But not seen with posts for whole week.

  3. Lovneet Sethi, I was away at Hyderabad, on a personal engagement. Did not get time to look at the charts. Intra week posts should resume this week onwards.

    Thanks and Regards