Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals January 07 to 11, 2013

From a short term perspective the trend continues, with some hiccups towards the close of the week or early next week.
Some ominous Astro signatures are emerging towards the week end. These could show their effects mostly in the week beginning January 14, 2013.
As you can see five planets are jostling for space in Sagittarius, which to begin with is a very volatile sign.To further energise we have Saturn sextile to Sagittarius,Jupiter in 6/8 position to Sagittarius.
We have Mars square Saturn on January 07th.
Markets may decline moderately on 7th and 08th and resume up trend from Wednesday.The above formations are for Friday.So we may expect a good correction next week ( week beginning January 14, 2013.)


  1. My Dear sureshji,

    It is really amazing to see your blog, for the kind of substance you share.

    I sometimes wonder if any one can be so meticulous as you do, in trying to bring about a broader view combining both waves and astrology.

    I think it is only your passion that drives you to share.

    Just wanted to share what went through my mind after I went through the week end post.

    Kudos to you.

    Kannan Srinivas

  2. Dear Kannan,

    Your satisfaction is my pleasure!

    Warm Regards,


  3. Suesh bhai can u please post ur outlook for 11/01/2013 but not nifty on CNXIT or Infosys because it is a big result day reult will be declared before market opens at 8.30 am IST and mkt opens at 09.00 IST if possible can u post ur view one day prior so that if i understand i would be able to take poision according if possible detailed elliot and astro analysis thanks in advance

    BECAUSE as per me i feel Ketu represents IT and ketu is aspected with exaled Mars and saturn with rahu both rahu and saturn are in friend venus house and mars is exlated along with above combination ketu is SSQ with urans and SQQ qith pluto as i see u take lots of consideration of urans and pluto i feel astrologically it should go up but technicals as i feel that price of infy is taking resistance at 200EMa and now i feel it should also not cross 100EMa it is on daily chart INFY traded on NSE
    please help i want ur advise with explaination because i am a learning astrology i am good with astro use on indivsual and on nifty and bank nifty but very poor in IT or other stocks but u please try on Overall IT sector if not on Infy
    thanks in anticipation
    Manoj Tewani

  4. Dear Manoj,
    I have a post on Infy, especially for you. Please take it with a pinch of salt, because Iam only a student of Astrology and Wave Theory.I hope the post helps you understand the situation better.

    Warm Regards,