Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nifty Astro Technicals for January 14 to 18, 2013

Last week we expected Nifty to be volatile and so it was. Even the euphoria of better than expected results from Infosys, could not prevent a market slide and we closed lower at 5951.30, after going  up as much as 6042.15.
This week begins with a few interesting declination and longitudinal scenarios.

  1. We had a Sagittarian New Moon on December 12, 2013.Mercury was at an extreme declination on that day.
  2. On December 13, Venus is at an extreme declination.
  3. On December 14, Moon is at maximum Latitude. Given an orb of one day, we have seen this kind of formation giving way to market reversals.
  4. We are entering into a Lunar Negative period from January 15 to January 31.
  5. Venus will first square Uranus and later on conjunct Pluto.This in itself has always given a market turn of medium proportions.
  6. Sun will move into Capricorn. Mercury will conjunct Sun and begin a new Synodic cycle.
  7. Rahu will move into Libra, away from its debilitation sign and will start influencing Saturn and vice versa.
We expect the market to move up this week and possibly top out on January 18.This move up is not expected to be smooth. In fact from January 15 itself, the negative effects of the Moon cycle will be visible.

Let us have a look at the New Moon Astro chart and see what it tells....

 Interestingly we find January 15 and the period January 25 to 28 as significant according to  the Ruling Planets. On January 15, Sun is in Capricorn and Moon will be transiting the houses Aquarius and Pisces, moving towards a First quarter Moon on January 19, 2013. Traditionally this has been a period of a reversal from a top, especially when Moon is in Pisces.

Let us have a look at what happens when Venus first squares Uranus and then conjuncts Pluto...

As we can see within the aspects or just afterwards, there is always a reversal, sometimes significantly so.Since this also coincides with Moon reaching maximum Latitude and the Lunar negative period beginning soon, it is better to be out of longs by the weekend ( January 18, 2013 ) Thereafter let the Market tell us what to do.

A look at the Technicals.....

When Nifty closed at 5951, it has technically encroached into the area of wave 2. In other words, the forming wave 4 has crossed into wave 2 territory.Wave 1 looks extended. So it appears as if the rise from 5548, is a terminal impulse. Wave 3 was shorter than wave 1 and by Wave principles wave 5 of 5 also must be shorter than wave 3. This means that wave 5 may top out this week itself. In that case, Nifty  may retrace the entire rise from 5548 in less than half the time-even 25% of the time.Since the rise up to Jan 18 would have consumed 41 days, we can expect a bottom of aforesaid proportions by the first week of February. However, since Jupiter is in Taurus, the ensuing B wave may be a longish or large one consuming time till after the Budget sessions.

Wish you all a happy Makara Sankranti- Safe and productive trading to all!

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