Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals Nov 05 to 09, 2012

Let us start this week with a look at the Declinations: I have added the aspects for each day for additional information. This is experimental and is eventually intended to bring in more understanding for intraday movements. We first attempt to understand day wise movements.

We are entering a Lunar Growth Period from Nov 03 to 17.Nifty reacted positively on Nov 01 and 02, when Lunar declinations reached the maximum Northern limit and when Moon`s declination was closest to Jupiter.

Nov 05
Declinations of Moon and Sun are in opposition. Moon and Pluto are also in opposition. So Nifty should act negatively.
Nov 04th mid night-Moon is in the midpoint of Venus- Uranus opposition. Moon is square Uranus and is square Venus. Negative effect may manifest on Monday, Nov 05.
Nov 06
Mercury reaches its extreme South declination and is closest to Mars by declination. Positive
Uranus –Moon-Mercury is in a trine. Moon square Saturn trine Neptune. Market should rise.
Nov 07
Nov 07: Third Quarter Moon day. Moon opp Neptune and Moon opp Saturn. Nodes resume regular retrograde motion from Nov 07 onwards. Nifty may peak today and then show a decline.
Moon sextile Venus. Moon sextile Jupiter. Moon conjunct Venus and trine Jupiter on Nov 12. So market should be positive on Nov 07th.
Positive and then reduction in positiveness.
Nov 08
Moon and Chiron oppose each other. Moon at minimum latitude on Nov 08.
Moon is in the mid-point of Uranus square Pluto. Moon square Rahu and Ketu. Moon opp Neptune. So Nifty should be negative.
Nov 09
Lunar declination crosses Celestial Equator. Uranus and Moon conjunct each other in Northern Latitudes.
Moon sextile Saturn on 08 Nov at 19.15 hrs. Saturn QC Uranus. Negative effect on Nov 09.Moon square Jupiter on Nov 09.Moon trine Pluto, but Saturn in mid- point. Nifty should be negative.
Negative continuation. A sudden fall may also happen.
Nov 10
Venus, Mars, Chiron and Moon conjunct at S 4*32’.Extreme Neptune declination @ 11*55’ at 14.22 hrs.Positive effect on Nov 12.
Moon sextile Rahu, trine Ketu. Transiting Ketu, conjunct Natal Jupiter and Saturn. Positive effect on Nov 12.

Nov 11
Saturn and Moon conjunct in Southern declination. Positive effect on Nov 12.
Moon square Pluto-Uranus axis, with Sun close to the midpoint. Should give a negative start when the market opens on Nov 12 but other aspects should counter balance.

Nov 12
Neptune and Moon conjunct. So Nov 12 should see a good up move.
Once again Jupiter Venus trine gets activated because Moon conjunct Venus. So Nifty should be positive.
Start tentatively and then positive

Please use the above tabulation as a guideline only. Allow the price to dictate your trading strategies. It is dangerous to trade without adequate stop losses in this Nifty phase.
Have a great week of trading.

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