Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nifty Astro Technicals for week September 10 to 14, 2012

As expected Nifty began its fifth wave last week in the time band we had expected. That is from September 6th / 7th onwards. This week looks like mostly a continuation week .But the week beginning September 17th, some major fireworks are  in the offing.

Let us first look at the Astro charts followed by Wave charts. As usual we look to astro charts for direction confirmation and to wave charts for the technical levels.
We examine the Ruling planets for a change.
Ruling planets for the week September 10 to 14 are Rahu, Venus, Mars and Mercury. Their subs or their aspects or aspects to them could all have market effects.
Since Ketu is in the house of Venus, we can consider Ketu as well.
Moon will move through the stars of Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Ketu.
Sub lord of 4th house is Jupiter and of tenth is Rahu. Since Rahu is in Saturn star, and since Saturn owns the fourth house as well, Rahu is capable of giving fourth house effects also. Our assumption is that the tenth house which represents the zenith point, points to improvement in index values and fourth house points to decline in index values.
 Looking at a slightly larger time frame,

Let us look at our wave picture for some price projections:

Have a great week of trading. As always these are just indicators. Price movement alone is the final deciding factor. If the price moves as per expectations then and only then take positions.


  1. great suresh, great work keep it up

  2. Thanks for your comments, Venkatesh.

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  3. Hi Suresh,
    I am happy to see blog of market with astro perception. Here in astro natal chart we took 10 sept 2012, 9:15 am, Mumbai. My question is Can we get more precise details if we use the start date of NIFTY is on 3rd July, 1990 and for economic news, shall we use india chart?.

    Equity trading started on NSE on 3rd Nov, 1994. At that time NSE did not have any Index. Later they bought Nifty and renamed it to CNX Nifty on 7 Nov, 1995 , from which date they maintain Open, High, Low, Close. At the time of purchase they got the data from 3rd July, 1990, but it only contained the closing price.

    Nifty futures trading started from 12 June, 2000.

    Which is the best date to consider natal chart of nifty?

  4. Hi Suresh,
    Since there was confusion regarding the actual date of inception of Nifty, I had been using the more specific Nifty futures date of June 12, 2000.Maybe we should look more closely at November 03, 1994, the trading start of NSE.Only problem would be we may have to do birth rectification for NSE. If anyone can give some specific event dates for NSE, Iam willing to do it. Having said that it is quite possible to get quite a lot of information from the transit positions.
    Regarding economic data, I do use the Independence chart of India. Please see the latest post.



  5. Hi Ramesh,

    Sorry, I had misspelt your name.

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