Saturday, August 4, 2012

December 21, 2012- The Mayan Moment

If we look closely at India`s Independance chart for December 21, 2012, we may observe,
  • Pluto, the planet of debts, big money, powerful corporations, and secret dealings is in Sagittarius at  14":59'.Pluto is also in Venus star, the planet which rules money and currencies.Pluto is in India`s eighth house, the house of difficulties.
  • Jupiter, the  planet which rules banks, money expansion,credit growth etc., is in Taurus, ruled by Venus.Taurus is also the Ascendant of India.Cautious, slow to change yet aggressive when provoked bull.Jupiter, in Moon star, at 14":58'. Moon of course reflects public opinion.
    Unfortunately, in Taurus, Jupiter is in the 12th house. The twelfth house rules financial losses, expenditure, mishaps, mass hospitalizations, pressure due to foreign debt, etc.
  • Saturn, the Great Disciplinarian, is powerfully exalted in   Libra, at 14":46'Libra is the sixth house which rules financial solvency of the nation, political stability, relations with neighbors, communal harmony, litigation, judicial functioning, labor relation, general health of the public and in general public peace.Saturn is in Rahu Star and Ketu sub. This means this transit may provoke great fear and discomfort in people.
  • If we follow the arrows, we may notice, Pluto is in a negative quincunx (150") aspect with Jupiter.Jupiter is in a negative quincunx (150") aspect with Saturn.And Saturn is in a free flowing sextile with Pluto.Such a formation is called a YOD or "Finger of God" formation.In such a combination, the negative energies flow freely between the base planets of the triangle and powerfully hit the planet at the apex of the triangle. 
  • If we fast forward to December 23, 2012, we can see the deadly energy flowing strongly in the direction of Venus, which is in opposition to Jupiter.Venus is in Saturn star in Scorpio, which is always known to carry a sting in its tail.
  • This time band is right in the orb period of the Solar Eclipse and Venus Eclipse which had manifested in May 2012.
Negativism among the disgruntled public against debt creators and debt dealers will increase heavily.With Jupiter under such severe affliction, markets may tank. Rupee depreciation and Balance of Payment issues may dominate headlines.
Radical and innovative solutions to deal with debts,may be brought by Governments across the world.

Eventually the World might not end. But our way of thinking about money, debts and other such things may die, and new thinking may emerge.


  1. Man, this article needs t be preserved for posterity

  2. Thanks Ashish.Let us wait for the Great Master called Time, to tell us whether he agrees with us or not.!

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  4. The most powerful planet jupiter the planet for Finance when transit in taurus will create slowdown in liquidity to large extent and may cause a disaster to the stock market...even the slowdown will continue till jupiter comes in LEO in his friendly sign.

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      I have a post for you on Jupiter in Taurus. Your views please.

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