Monday, March 26, 2012

A Financial Astro view of Nifty March 26 to 30, 2012

March 26, 2012

Sun Uranus conjunction was on March 25, 2012. So today the market may exhibit initial bullishness.Moon is in Taurus emerging out of a conjunction with Jupiter and moving towards Venus, all three in Taurus.So this should be an overall positive day, maybe not overly positive because of several negative overhangs which we will see now.
By 11.09 am Sun is in-conjunct with Mars ( a negative development.)
By 11.32 am, Moon reaches its Apogee, that is its farthest position from the Earth.( a potentially reversal sign)
By 11.39 am, Mercury becomes in-conjunct with Saturn ( another negative development.
So by around 12 to 12.15 pm, Nifty may reverse its upward movement
At 13.01.34 pm, Moon becomes trine with the Ascendant. So will this stop the downward movement?
By 3.30 pm, the developing Sun Rahu trine becomes closer ( it will become tomorrow early morning). So maybe the market will close positively today.

March 27, 2012

 Sun will be trine with Rahu when the market opens.  Moon also is emerging out of a conjunction with Venus.Mercury applies to Moon in a sextile aspect ( positive development), which will end by 10.05 am.
So we may expect an up move till about 11.23 am., with gradual weakening or tossing around from 10 15 am to 11.23 am.

After 10.05 am, Moon also starts going into her void.She remains in that condition for rest of the trading day.All positive long range trines have started separating. Mars-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto,and Saturn -Neptune, all begin to lose their positive bias.By 3.30 pm Sun Rahu trinal effect also would wane off.So the market could weaken after 11.23 am and end the day negative.

March 28, 2012

Moon moves into volatile Gemini and squares Mars first thing.Not a very auspicious beginning! By 9.19 am, Moon`s true Nodes begin to reverse and start direct motion.Not natural for them because the Nodes are supposed to move in a retrograde fashion.In that condition they ae conjunct Moon. Again a negative development.( This will also weaken the developing Rahu Uranus trine temporarily.)
Nifty may open lower.
Meanwhile Sun is approaching its square station with Pluto.In fact Pluto which rules huge debts is in loggerheads with several celestial friends.
I suspect Nifty will  open and close lower this day.

March 29, 2012

March Series settlement day.
Moon reaches a high Northern declination and reverses direction. There may be attempts for positive moves, but with Pluto Sun square nearby, it looks like the markets will close lower again.

March 30, 2012

Moon continues to form a square with Uranus- market could open a little lower.After 2 pm, we may expect a mild recovery, because Moon is getting sextile to Mars. For the week it looks like Nifty prefers to go down to its previous supports.

5163 seems to be the temporary floor. Failing which it is 5111.More weakness, then look to 4900 levels. 5341 seems to be the first overhead resistance.

Please use your technical levels as advised by your consultants and advisers to enter and exit the markets. This is an educational and learning attempt to understand the celestial correlation of the markets.
Have a great week..


  1. Mar 28 did open and close lower.
    Mar 27/26 closing went a bit awry - probably some other parameter in play there which might have overshadowed the ones depicted.

    Just a minor query - U say Jup in Taurus, but Jupiter is in Aries currently is it not?

    Also u say Moon moves into Gemini on March 28 while it will actually move into Gemini on March 29 at 16:45 hours. (

    Is this because u could be using the Tamil Almanac?

    Wouldnt different mathematical calculations of the sky by different methods create confusion?

    Thks again for the magnifecent effort.

  2. Dear STBSTB,
    Iam using the international astrological method of using Sayana positions (zero Ayanamsa). If you see, you can see they are using Nirayana positions ( Lahiri Ayanamsa) of the planets. In fact Nirayana positions are arrived at by reducing the Ayanamsa of the year from the Sayana positions of the planets.The problem is there are several different Ayanamsas in vogue. Lahiri, Chaitrapaksha,Raman`s Ayanamsa and KP Ayanamsa.
    Sayana is the tropical positions of planets and Nirayana is the sidereal positions of the planets.
    So why am I using Sayana positions ( zero Ayanamsa)? Simply because great internationally acclaimed Astro traders such as W.D.Gann and George Bayer had used Sayana positions to accurately anticipate stock price movements and make great money.And since Iam a simple trader and not a learned researcher, Iam only looking to unearth those harmonical connections between our markets and celestial movements of planets.
    Iam a great admirer of KP System of Astrology which uses KP Ayanamsa. As yet I have not fully understood the application of KP System to market movements. But Iam pretty sure it is there. Once I start hitting at least 80% accuracy in the present approach, I may look at
    a more effective integrated approach. Since these are two different ways of looking at the same truth, there cannot be any variation.
    Yes, March 26/ 27 went a bit awry. And yes there are certain other parameters in play. That is the beauty of learning through the markets isn`t it? Nifty is the most objective testing ground one can have for any market theory. She is so neutral!
    Let the week fully unfold. I will then give a full analysis of www ( what went wrong) and look at tweaking the system.
    Thanks for your comments STBSTB.

    Warm Regards,